S&P should tell the Bahamian people who gave them the information of a 2021 General Elections!


The Government was given the S&P report before it is published to the world – It only means Minnis never read the report…DAVIS DID!

PM Hubert Minnis in Parliament
Philip Davis Q.C.

NASSAU| Question: Why would Prime Minister Minnis request Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C. to retract statement of a snap General Election written by S&P in its report shared with the world on the events in the Bahamas?

Shouldn’t Minnis (if he didn’t tell S&P that) request a retraction from Standards & Poor’s the rating agency, which was told the information by The Minnis Government?!

BP has warned Bahamians since last year June 2020 the although Hubert Minnis was speaking to you every Sunday almost he had refused to inform the public he was calling an early General Election and that they should be ready!

Every PM since the 1960 have given the Bahamian people notice of an election. Minnis has decided in his head not to tell yinner he is calling on. But hey yinner know what to do with the betrayers.

Mind you, before Standard and Poor publishes any statement they give it to the government for review.

We report yinner decide!