Speaker Alvin Ignores 'The Crybaby' – Alvin didn't look once at Laing



<<< From left to right Zhivargo Laing, Speaker Alvin Smith and Frank Smith.

The Parliament’s Crybaby Sour Laing was pissed-off last evening as debate rapped up in the House of Assembly.

Laing on a point of order requested the Speaker of the House Alvin Smith to ask St. Thomas More MP Frank Smith to withdraw his remarks made against the government involving CLICO.

Smith had simply asked the government whether or not it would backing insurance claims by Clico’s policyholders, seeing that the Prime Minister has asked them to continue paying their premiums. Frank then went on to conclude that the Ingraham government was once again “backpedaling” on what it said to the people. Adding that Ingraham’s FNM was famous for this practice.

Smith also questioned how will loans secured by banks but covered by CLICO be treated if the insured dies, “where would that leave dependents who still live in that home,” he questioned. But like a scorched record, Laing repeated the words of the PM adding that Smith should not venture any further into speculations.

Smith then confirmed how he saw on the door of Lowe’s Pharmacy in the Harbour Bay Shopping Centre, a sign stating, “CLICO Cards Not Accepted here!, and yet the Prime Minister is telling policyholders to continue to pay their premiums Mr. Speaker?”

Laing began huffing and puffing in his seat, calling on the Speaker to make the member [Smith] withdraw his remarks. But Speaker Alvin never once looked at Laing. In fact at one point he told the Parliament’s Cry Baby to, “Take your seat!” Laing’s daddy [MUGABE] was not in the Parliament during the evening sitting. BOY HE WAS MAD! Especially now that the Speaking has a cold VIBE against him. Here is something politicos in the country should be wondering, WHAT IS THE BEEF BETWEEN THE SPEAKER AND ‘CRY BABY SOUR LAING’? Hmmmmmmm!


  1. Reply tp JR: Do you know the difference between IF and unless? My opinions are my opinions and while you will disagree with them by the very nature of your beliefs, you should never tell another person to “sit down and shut up”. I give you the courtesy of reading your contributions and thinking about what you offer because I am well aware that one learns best when one listens and thinks about all sides of an issue.

  2. Thomas Finley;

    Fred Mitchell said no such statements and as for you saying he is the leader of the PLP well maybe he is in your world but in the real world he is not……I had an annuity with clico and med insurance ….yes when the company was fast tracked into liquidation I stopped paying not because of any person but because of the God given common sense that I have ……READ THE LAW….which clearly states that when a company is put into liquidation then that company is struck of the registrar generals book and cease to exist so when you pay the question then is who are you paying into ….by LAW the company cannot accept new business when in liquidation there is a stop on all debts and credits that the company was doing until a wind up order is handed down by a judge …….I like many do not take any marching orders from any politician in this country be it PLP or FNM that is the problem in our nation today to much people waiting on the lousy good for noting politicians to tell them where and how to go.

  3. The role of the opposition is to bring other vviews to the attention of the Govt and the Bahamian people.The notion that Frank Smith is grandstanding is ludricous.If diehard supporters of the FNM want to agree with any nonsense spewed or decisions made thats their perogative.10/45 is still mad with Frank Smith for exposing him as a Weasel so he has made it his business to find fault with any contributions he makes.Isnt it a resposibility of a member of Parliament to bring to the attention of that body a concern that the business merchants are not recognizing Clico insurance?Some of you need to calm down ,take a deep breath before posting..My friend Joe Blow you know that the Speaker is biased so his intolerance of 10/45 should be food for thought.

  4. Celeste;

    They ain’t doing nothing because they have nothing to do …..Brent is a stay at home foreign minister as minister of foreign affairs he stays home more than a housewife that has nothing to do but put om makeup and play fancy dress up parties……Tommy T is a joke that has past it’s time ,and as for Laing he could not win a general election even if he dreamt it.

    The FNM is a failed government with no clear agenda and no clear plans …I ask every blogger on this sight to watch out for the budget …when the budget is revealed in the house then many Bahamians will take to the streets …mark my words

  5. Zhivargo Laing as the leader of the FNM means a swift and easy victory for the opposition! He is as worthless as his daddy HAI. Zhivargo Laing should let this be his last run. I am so sick of hearing him airbaggin’ all the time. He is a pansy, and could not lead a horse to water let alone an entire party. I am certain that it would cause the whole FNM to disintegrate as Tommy T and Brent Symmonette feel as though leadership is rightfully theirs. They would have Zhivargo by the throat!!! Hasn’t anyone realized that Tommy T and Brent are not doing anything, I mean anything! It seems as though they are just passing the time just watching and waiting for ole boy Hubey to croak or for 2012, whichever comes first…LOL!!!

  6. Has PLP Leader Fred Mitchell told PLP supporters to ignore the PM and to not continue paying their Premiums to Clico? Until this happens, shed up!

  7. Joe Blow ; I disagree with you on this one ………Mr Smith was right in showing that the Prime Minister and Laing made a grave mistake to stand up in Parliament and tell Bahamians to continue to make their payments to CLICO when the company was fast tracked into liquidation when by the law it should of first gone into receivership …..the fix was already in when overnight a liquidator was appointed and the company closed to the public ….then the government did not come back to the public to guarantee the life,health,and annuities ..so all MP Smith was stating was the facts that if Laing and the PM was going to back up the CLICO policy holders then they should do just that but do not stand up in the HOA and say people should continue to pay when their med cards are being refused by most of the pharmacies in the country .

    Joe Blow; If laing will be made into the leader of the FNM then the prospects for the FNM will be dimmer and dimmer Laing does not put fear into anyone in my opinion he is a lackluster politician at best when he speaks it is as Hubert is the master and he is the puppet so I say let him take the reigns of leadership he will continue to drive the car down the cliff .

  8. Joe, I asked you nicely to shut up and sit down. The more you write, the dumber you seem. You say Hubert told policy holder to keep paying their premiums so that they would be protected IF the policies are picked up. What if they aren’t? Didn’t you hear all the money has gone out of the country? Who will replace it? Your party has to answer these questions, no matter how you feel about Frank Smith and you can’t hide behind Alvin the chipmunk any more.

  9. Joe

    Please. Nobody is afraid of Laing. Anytime he opens his mouth he makes a bigger fool of himself to people with a brain. Please let him become leader of the FNM!

  10. The Speaker, like the rest of us, has no respect for Frank Smith and his ugly attempts to misdirect, misinform, misunderstand, misbehave, miscall,miscast and generally to be mischievous. He is the saddest excuse for a member of Parliament I have ever seen. He knew exactly why the P.M. advised the investors to keep paying their premiums. And he knew these premiums were to be held in an escrow account , to be returned upon completion of the liquidation procedure unless the policies are taken over by another insurer. The P.M. didn’t want anyone to lose out in any settlement because their policy would have lapsed. Laing should learn to ignore such intrusions by idiots like Smith. That is what the Speaker was trying to convey.

  11. BP, I still waiting on you to show me some love for breaking the Ranfurly Brown story. What’s up man? LOL

  12. @JR
    Boy Jr you see why they after Bahamas Press? We bring you the RAW TRUTH! NEWS AND INFORMATION AT IT’s BEST! Not just our words, but in their own words. In the raw images. Recorded for generations to come by a simple search engine. That’s what has them peeing in their pants!

    Bahamas Press

  13. Joe, shut up and sit down. Alvyn knew he would be looking like a bigger fool after the fiasco with Glenys. It had nothing to do with being balanced. He isn’t. Listen to that exchange that BP put on the site and hear just how unbalanced the speaker is.

  14. Well Media it has been some time since you and I have agreed on any point but I certainy agree he (Laing)is the one to watch for in a future leadership race. The constant assault on his character by those in the Opposition indicates they are scarred to death of his possible succession. They call him cry-baby but the majority of those “die-hards” are what we call “whiney babies” in my family. No problem between Laing and Smith. The Speaker just has to keep a fine balance and when HAI isn’t in the House he can’t be seen as favouring anyone. Protocol says he must defer to the wishes of the House Leaders. One of the greatest problems I see is the pattern that had developed between T.T. and Dr. Nottage. The two agree upon procedures in their private talks and someone else on the Opposition side has a different agenda. I wonder who it is??? Not P.C.!

  15. Just like The Macbeth’s in that story by William Shakespeare so is the FNM and the biggest joker in the bunch Mr Laing ….what is happening right now in the HOA is that this whole bunch of jokers and jack legs has blood on their hands and now Laing is looking down at his hands and saying “out,out damn spot” I quote from Bill Shakespeare this government had no agenda , no plan when they came to office and yet they have not ajusted their style of government …what they will have left behind is a mess in our country .

  16. The weasel aka 10/45 aka crybaby believes he can follow in Huberts footsteps and become Leader of this country.I have never been impressed by him and wish he would just shutup.It is only a matter of time b4 Alvin runs him out of the HOA.Only one man can make Alvin jump and thats Hubert.Wannabes like 10/45 will never get the respect of Alvin who kept the FNM relevant after 2002 even though he has gotten no respect from the others who are all now Ministers while Alvin is the mere Speaker.Thats the way to go homeboy dont let these jokers try to boss you around.What irony,Alvin was made Leader of the Opposition in 2002 and now he cant get to be a Minister?That alone is cause for being angry.

  17. Hey Joe, please tell us what’s the beef between Laing and Speaker Smith? I mean that was high drama yesterday.

    And as for yall who think Laing is not good political attraction, I say you all wrong! He too is a good punching bag for politicos. Which means he has political value for any party as a future leader.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  18. I am now a believer that GOD did instructed mr.Zhivargo Laing to leave politics alone.Mr.Laing please return to your church ministry before you are regarded as a political joneser for mr.Ingraham.

  19. There is a famous quote….”you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time”…..
    Mr Laing never ever impressed me as a politician his first seat was won by Hubert IN 1992 he was in my opinion well verse in public speaking and most of the times when he speaks in public he doesn’t make any sense and there is no logic behind what he said.

  20. Zhivargo Laing is out of his league when it comes to politics. I think it started to become clear with the whole ordeal with customs duty rates. Beyond that, he never has anything of substance to say. I have heard him speak of numerous occasions. I rooted for him to defend EPA and the effects it would possibly add to our country. DISAPPOINTMENT DISAPPOINTMENT!!! It is ALWAYS a disappointment. Maybe the Speaker of the HOA has also had his fill of Mr Laing. Media, a lot of these MPs need to call it quits when it comes to politics. They are making a mess of an already bad state.

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