St. Agnes Anglican Church Parish Office is the latest Crime Scene

Thieves make good their entry into St. Agnes Parish Offices in Grants Town.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bandits entered the Grants Town community early Tuesday morning and burglarized the parish offices of St. Agnes Church.

Bahamas Press was on the scene early this morning and captured the trail of evidence left by thieves. The crooks pry open burglar bars and shattered the windows at the parish office as they made their entry.

Shelves ransacked early this morning.

The bandits ransacked the parish office; throwing sensitive papers into every direction.
This crime against the church is just one of many being mirrored throughout the country.

Last week armed thugs made a daring daylight robbery at the Woodlawn Cemetery office owned by Sir Orville and Tommy Turnquest, the Minister of National Security.

The armed bandits made good with a bank deposit as they gun butted three female caretakers at the cemetery.


Parish office turned upside down early this morning.


  1. @Aurelia025, yeah what is your point, how do you know where BP was? could you be the spy among and we dont know? just leave BP alone. At least they keep us abreast of what is going on in our country.

    • Barefoot they don’t know how many agents we gat eh? If we digg deep enough into our sources we may track down the criminal and call his name, but they keep trying to diss us.


      • Media you used a Canadian saying ” EH ” are you a Canadian undercover ? perhaps a Liberal or even worse an NDP, are you an RCMP/CSIS Internationalb agent ?

  2. I sad reminder of what happened to Father Willie Thompson the former rector of this church.I say to those in chjarge of crime in our country,”if you lack the knowledge and willpower to do the job then move aside”.Our country is bleeding profusely and it seems those responsible are spinning around and looking dumb.

    • And Tommy Turnquest and the FNM ga wait until they call elections to find a solution to the crime problem! BOY WE NEED CHANGE!


    • Fact are fact! Yes Bahamas Press did not take the photos. These photos inside the parish offices were taken by Rosemary Hanna. But this does not suggest BP was not in the area? The priest could be an agent of BP. So what’s the point?


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