Staff at Bamboo Shack are about to go rogue!


NASSAU| So the small workers are telling BP staff at Bamboo Shack are about to start a fiģht. Dey say BAMBOO is not playing fair and , “We are feeling it and they are cutting our pay.”

Staff also discovered that they have missing contributions at NIB.

One employee told BP they cannot get their money after having a child because contributions were NOT Paid. “BP, my baby done eating peas and rice, going to the bathroom herself. Walking, climbing and jumping and I have yet to have my maternity benefit! I mean it looks like we both will be on pension by the time this is resolved!”

Someone at NIB must now question why Bamboo Shack is behind on paying contributìons. And how did they get a business license if NIB payments are behind? What is Dis?

We report yinner decide!