Steve Harvey introduces Jesus Christ – HAPPY EASTER FROM BP!



  1. Well logical,thank GOD we he has given every one the right of choice.So if you don’t want to belive in what Ronica7 and I and the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of peson that belive that there is only ONE and ONLY GOD.That is it for me now logical may GOD be with you.

  2. This why we in this world are so screwed by religion. We take the propaganda of a comedian to propagate lies in the name of G-d that continually keep the ‘ignorant” and intelligent alike blind to the fact that we believe in fairy tales.

  3. Steve HARVEY said it the best,he is the greatest the world has ever seen and would ever see.He’s simply the best better than all the rest,I love him.

  4. “The one who gives orders to the morning and shows the dawn its place”.
    “Who cuts the boundaries for the sea and tells it’s proud waves halt!
    this far you may go and no further”.