Sunday Special PART 2: Stolen Mercedes now found to be a part of a major US crime ring!


Bahamas Customs, The US FBI and Bahamian Police now working together to crack the case as more cars are being recovered…

Mercedes cleared by Customs Officer had valued over $80,000 but only $1,500 was paid on duty...

Bahamas Press part two into Customs Probe…

Nassau, Bahamas — There are some serious things happening at the Customs Department and it appears that only Bahamas Press has information from inside.

This week some expensive cars were found in the capital, two of which we can confirm were stolen. The break proved that a major crime across international borders is occurring in the capital and Customs Officers are deep involved.

Some of the criminals – we believe – showed up on TV standing behind the spokesman this past week; appearing like the criminal returning to the crime scene, but we will get back to that another time.

We know several vehicles were seized. We know at least two of them were cleared by two female officers who were stationed at the Arawak Cay clearance section of the department. Readers learnt earlier today that President of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Robert Meyers, a Lyford Cay resident who purchased not one, but two Porsche vehicles in a bold attempt to defraud the department, has been caught up in the probe.

BP also reported earlier this week how the two women cleared two Mercedes – defrauding the Bahamas Government. Both 2015 Benzes carried a book value of eighty thousand dollars ($80,000) each. But this is just the beginning of our report.

One of the Custom Officers at the centre of this investigation is the daughter of a senior reverend and the other is a close relative of one of the men arrested in Belize following that US indictment.

It is alleged that one of the girls created a false invoice to be supported by the entry paper valuing the vehicles at $2,000 each. In that submission the cars were listed as having “Water Damage”, thus the cheap value.

But get this: now that the investigation has begun inside, the entry papers have vanished out of the system. Customs officials only have the duty paid for the cars which are listed at $1,500 each. This proves that a criminal clandestine group has now infiltrated the Customs Department and this is just the beginning of what we know.

Bahamas Press most daring investigators have learnt a bag was paid high up the ladder for the entry to be cleared. We can also tell you the said importer – whose identity is still being withheld by our sources – paid an alleged $24,000 each in a bag to have the cars cleared.

The vehicles were imported into the country in trailers and hidden under a fake listing to conceal their identity.

Documents shown to us confirm the pastor’s daughter made the approval without any evaluation on the vehicles being done. Bahamas Press can report some $2000 out of the $48,000 was paid to her. $3,000 was paid to the Government for the reduced value on the vehicle and the rest was kept by the other entry officer now under investigation like her relative in Belize. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?!

But this all gets interesting this coming week because International Investigators along with the Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] along with the RBPF are onto an even bigger network that has infiltrated the system here in the Bahamas.

We have word more vehicles are on the streets which were stolen out of the US. We know some of those vehicles may be parked up in your yard. If one is, our advice is simple: get to SuperCOP Greenslade and his men before they get to you, because once the FBI starts tracking this down, ya just ain’t gern to court in Nassau – ya hip getting extradited…


We report yinner decide!