Tanya Demeritte plead guilty in the Long Island MP Adrian Gibson WSc case!


A second witness has agreed to expose the plans of alleged theft at WSc…

Tanya Demeritte and former WSC Chairman and MP for Long Island Adrian Gibson.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now learning Tanya Demeritte, just one of several persons charged alongside Long Island FNM MP Adrian Gibson has pleaded GUILTY to charges in the case today.

Several persons were charged with over 100 counts at the Water and Sewerage Corporation exposing an elaborate scheme of theft, bribery, and money laundering against taxpayers. She was a parking attendant who was paid money through the Corporation.

Demeritte who refuses to hide behind the elaborate scheme today accepted her fate and accepted guilty on some 16 of those counts in the case.

As part of her plea agreement, Demeritte agreed to in a statement expose her involvement in the plot to raid the Corporation with the leadership inside. 

Demeritte was sentenced to a three-year probation period and must pay some $10,000 to the WSc by July 29th. Also, she agreed to testify during the Supreme Court trial explaining her role in the alleged scheme to steal millions from the public.

In June five other defendants, including Rashae Gibson, Joann Knowles, Jerome Missick, Peaches Farquharson, and Former WSc GM Elwood Donaldson Jr. were all charged.

The ex-fiancee of former Chairman Gibson, Alexandria Mackey, has also agreed with prosecutors to expose the plots and schemes in the theft against the public by the FNM MP.

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