Terror in KFC last night…Gunman held up Marathon store while scores of patrons and children were inside!


Here was a good time for the Police to be touring the area in Marathon…

Patrons at KFC Marathon hit the floor as gunmen enter the establishment last evening.

Nassau – Just when PM Hubert Minnis was the headline on ZNS TV news last night; suggesting crime and the economy were now under control an armed robbery was unfolding at the KFC Marathon store.

The incident began at the exact time the company’s armour truck pulled up to collect the store’s deposit. The gunman ordered all patrons to the floor and asked for the manager while pointing the gun at staff behind the counter. No one was harmed but some patrons laying flat on the floor did “piss-up dey sef”.

Just this morning a team of officers along with da Commissioner of Police had toured the area expressing how safe the town is during the holidays. But at night the bandits are reeking terror on the community.

We don’t know why but every time PM Minnis say he gat crime under control dumb crap like this happens. Ya think these people on the ground in KFC feel safe?

We gata ask this question: Where was the Marathon Mall Police and Security?

We ga take Fr. Brown’s advise on Sunday past, “The best place to watch Junkanoo is on the TV in ya house.

We report yinner decide!

Gunman suspect #1 at that KFC robbery last night.

Gunman suspect #2 at that KFC robbery last night.