Terror rogue-dancing driver now in police custody!


Travis Sawyer was the F150 driver in the Labour Day Massacre where four were killed and 26 injured!

Travis Sawyer and he mom.

Nassau – Bahamas Press now has identified the dancing driver who left the controls of a truck to dance, wiggle and behave like a absolute Jack### in the road. He caused the death of four women – four mothers – on the Labour Day Parade. Twenty-six others – some of whom will be crippled for the rest of their natural lives – will not have a second chance.

Travis Sawyer is his name. He is 23. He is the rogue-dancing driver of a powerful F150 vehicle, which started all this sadness today. We doubt he was on the motor insurance. It is possible that he may not even have a driver’s license. And we hope he was not meddling in terrorist training. Driving down pedestrians is a new global form of terrorism in our world. What was he thinking?

His mom is an executive of the financial services union; the four dead women were from that same union!

Now this is sad but we want a thorough investigation.

We report yinner decide!


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