The $5 Million Contract Woman Was Not Alone

Yontalay Bowe and axed MP Minnis. Second picture is DGM at ZNS Jungalist Bev.

NASSAU| The big bosomed woman who was stationed at the Office of the Prime Minister was not alone in reaping tons of money from the former FNM government in loaded contracts. 

Yontalay Bowe was said to have received some $5 million in contracts along with her boyfriend. They were in the dump truck business. She got so much money she was able to charter a flight to a nearby country and get a boob lift and tummy tuck. WHAT IS DIS!!??

All of that occurred under the Lying King Minnis who vowed to make some of his lackies millionaires before he left office. Now the Lying King failed some of his lackies, because before he could go into overdrive with the millionaires pledge, he was unceremoniously kicked out of office by the Bahamian electorate on September 16th. 

Now Bowe was not alone in this CONTRACT HEIST which milked tax payers for all they had. Another couple benefited from having three contracts at a now embattled government corporation. YES! THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS!!

The Bonnie and Clyde couple of Ainsley Mitchell and Beverley Curry made hundreds of thousands of dollars off the people of The Bahamas having three contracts at that corporation and gaining money from another that was in the name of Peter Pickstock, who is Beverley Curry’s only son. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!!

Now the Ainsley Mitchell somebody, is really Haitian National, Ainsley Michele, who later changed his name to Mitchell, claiming he was second cousin to Fred Mitchell (LIES). We don’t believe that!! BP is asking this character to SHOW US YA PAPERS!!! WHAT IS DIS??!!

Now Michele was known to the police for years for being a vicious member of the Haitian Zoe Pound gang that sought havoc in the Pinewood Gardens area. He got with Curry, a known, broke con artist and decided to infiltrate a different gang, the Free National Movement. 

Curry, who jumped ship from the PLP years ago, is now telling people Prime Minister Brave Davis will not remove her from her position at ZNS because he knows what time it is. Well we at BP obviously do not know what time it is as we say TIME IS UP for Beverley Curry and Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs who have driven the Broadcasting Corporation into the ground over a four year period. 

Along with making a big salary at BCB, Curry was still granted more by Minnis who no doubt arranged those contracts for her and ZOE POUND MICHELE to heavily benefit from.  FOUR CONTRACTS to one supporter!!!?? WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!!

A full audit must be done of ALL corporations to see all that Lying King Minnis and his cronies did. A full accounting must be done on this corrupt and heartless crew and those remaining MUST BE REMOVED FROM THEIR POSTS. 

And we don’t want the Davis Government to forget BPL…but that is another scandal foe another day.

We rwport yinner decide!