The blocking of boards are over! Corrupt BPL Board removed but they finally resigned!?


NASSAU| BREAKING NEWS!! | The entire BPL Board has resigned ahead of being kicked out of office at 2 pm today.

Minister of Works, Alfred Sears and Mother Pratt were set to revoke the wicked Minnis appointed Board’s one year extension given to them the week of election by outgoing Governor General Sir CA Smith. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!

Mother Pratt the Acting Governor General had her pen poised to revoke the wicked one year extension document when, like a Governor of the South calling to stay an execution, the phone rang and information received from the call said the ENTIRE BPL BOARD OF DIRECTORS had resigned.

Bush Crack!! Minnis Gone!! Now, Bush Crack!! Moxey and Crew gone!! The stifling of BPL’s staff is over.

At 2 pm today it will be a NEW DAY at BPL ran by incoming chairman Pedro Rolle.

Now BP heard that Cartel Leader Heastie is busy burning papers and shredding files as he knows his days along with D’Evil Missick and Long Stroke Rollins and Quivering Parker are over.

They dont want the incoming Board to see all the crookedness and illegal skullduggery that took place at the time.

My, my, my, how the wicked has fallen. BP hopes the incoming chairman is sharpening his axe as BP writes to remove the evil Executive Team that includes Missick, Heastie, Rollins, Parker and the rest of the Freeport Cartel.

The BPL Staff is now rejoicing and saying, “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we are free at last!!”

We Report! Yinner Decide!