The Bahamas braces as a vessel with five CoVID 19 patients onboard heads to our shores…


NASSAU| So when the vessel Braemar arrives in the Bahamian waters with the five COVID 19 patients onboard who going out to report the story?

BP has no protective gear! We have no mask! We are on the last piece a Lysol.

Let no one fool yinner the Bahamas Government must assist passengers and crew on Braemar. The Bahamas has to assist as they are registered here!

Our able Defence Force Marines [yinner mah and pah] is trained in this kind of stuff…

In a release this evening the Bahamas Government said they will not allow the ship to dock nor will passengers be permitted to disembark. However, the release wrote: “The Bahamas will do all that it can to provide humanitarian assistance. This may include providing fuel, food, water, and other supplies as needed by the vessel.

“The BMA continues to monitor the well-being of passengers and crew with updates at regular intervals.”

We report yinner decide!

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