The dishonesty of the Rev’d Candidate!


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Dear BP Editor,

Please permit me to address the dishonesty and disingenuousness of the FNM’s candidate for Pineridge, “Reverend” Frederick McAlpine.

It is being reported that Frederick A. McAlpine, otherwise known as “SlackAlpine,” is going around in the Hudson Estates area, a private housing Subdivision, in the Pineridge Constituency, developed and owned by former FNM Cabinet Minister David Thompson; telling constituents whom he wishes to represent under the banner of the FNM in the Hon. House of Assembly, that the maintenance work that their current MP, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville Minister for Grand Bahama, is having done, is a result of his (Slackalpine’s) agitation.

In other words, and to put it very simply, he is telling the voters that Dr. Darville is only doing and paying for this work, out of his own pocket, because SlackAlpine has pressured him into doing it! Well blow me down: THE PREACHER/PASTOR is a WOMANIZER AND a LIAR TOO???

I have a word of caution, for the voters in the Pineridge Constituency: take what this lying Pastor tells you with ten grains of Morton Salt. Let us not forget that his first two wives could not trust him to keep his sacred marriage vows, so why would you believe anything he tells you?

Lying and deflection seems to be the campaign strategy being used by the FNM in this general election, as Peter Turnquest’s campaign workers are also telling constituents that the great work being done by the government was as a result of his agitation, as they go from house to house in the East Grand Bahama constituency. This is laughable at best!

So when they are faced with the reality that they just cannot deny that the PLP performed well in Grand Bahama, they resort to trying to take the credit by telling the voters that “YES” the PLP installed potable water in East and West Grand Bahama, but they did so because of pressure brought to bear on them by the FNM. “YES” the PLP Government built the brand new, state of the art Fire Station in Freeport, which was needed from 2004, but they did so because of the pressure brought on them by the FNM.

“YES” the PLP signed an almost $7 million contract to finally solve the Fishing Hole Road flooding problem, which Grand Bahamians have been subjected to for decades, and which they failed to even begin in their 15 years of governance, but the PLP government did so because of pressure brought to bear on them by the FNM.

“YES” the PLP government has awarded a huge contract to remedy the Smith’s Point seawall issue which has been plaguing that beautiful Grand Bahama village for decades, but now is being addressed by the PLP government, but they did so only because of much pressure brought to bear on them by the FNM.

“YES” the almost $17 million contract for the construction of the Junior High School in Holmes Rock Grand Bahama area, which is currently under construction, was awarded because of pressure brought to bear on the PLP government by the FNM.

And “YES” the PLP government (they are telling the voters) has repaired and ungraded all the medical facilities in GBI, from Sweetings Cay to West End, and will shortly begin construction of the first phase of a state-of-the-art 100 room hospital, but only because of the FNM’s pressure which was brought to bear on them. The FNM is telling voters, that they have been agitating, and putting pressure on the PLP and that is why the things are being done. Otherwise, they say, the PLP would have done absolutely nothing.

WELL, WELL, WELL SlackAlpine, Peter Turnquest, Iram Lewis, Pakisha Parker and Michael Pintard; don’t you think the voters could see right through your lies??? Grand Bahama was FNM country from the time Sir Cecil was the MP for the old Pineridge Constituency, and had three, five year terms in office to govern and pay attention to Grand Bahama!

Now, they are telling the voters that when their party was the government, they couldn’t do those things themselves, but had to wait until they lose power, to the PLP, to pressure the PLP into doing what they failed to do in 15 years??


But tell us, Frederick SlackAlpine and Peter Turnquest and the rest of yinna FNM candidate clowns; when the voters remind you’ll that your FNM Party was in power for 15 years and ask you’ll why you didn’t fix all those problems, especially the fact that the FNM has claimed Grand Bahama as “FNM COUNTRY,” what excuses will you give them for not meeting those needs in FNM country???

Please don’t go lying to them now, telling them that while the FNM was the government, for 15 years, the PLP stopped you from addressing all those Grand Bahama needs, because they will not believe that big fat lie either.

I opened this letter by addressing the lies that “SlackAlpine” is reportedly telling voters in the Hudson Estates Housing subdivision, concerning the maintenance work that Dr. Michael Darville, the current M.P. for the Pineridge Constituency, is carrying out of the roads.

I wish to remind this lying, deceiving, good for nothing, vagabond pastor that Minister Michael Darville, in 2014, after being unsuccessful in getting the former FNM Cabinet Minister David Thompson, who is the rightful developer of the subdivision, to maintain the roads and pay the street light bills, took it upon himself, to have the street lights turned back on (after the GB Power company turned the lights off), and repair the bad stretches of roads in the area at his personal expense.

In other words, the good M.P. is paying to repair roads and keep street lights on in a housing subdivision that is privately owned by SlackAlpine’s FNM colleague.

Let’s be clear, Dr. Darville, nor the government, are under no obligation to fix those roads, or pay to keep those street lights on, but he feels for his constituents, and seeks to correct the wrong that this lousy former FNM Cabinet Minister has been treating them. What you should agitate for SlackAlpine, is for your Mac Pac Members to speak the truth and keep this campaign clean as the skeletons, rather bodies, in your closet are numerous; and for your FNM Council member, David Thompson, to take his broke behind into Hudson Estates and fix the roads, keep the verges clean and keep the damn street lights on by paying the bills at the G.B. Power Company.

Thank you,

Joseph Burrows
Freeport, Grand Bahama
28th March, 2017