The DNA says they have a crook onboard…


Just when you thought the Democratic National Alliance had cleared up its baggage, out comes another scandal…Here we go again!

Branville McCartney, Andrew Wilson and inset Delano Munroe
Branville McCartney, Andrew Wilson and inset Delano Munroe

Former DNA Candidate for MICAL, Delano Munroe, is once again in the news and this time the party levels an accusation that he “misappropriated funds from another constituency association,” according to party Chairman Andrew Wilson.

You would remember the controversy that surrounded Munroe during the 2012 general elections when Junior Achievement accused him of the same things. Your only investigative online page, Bahamas Press, was the first to break the story that proved Munroe was charged before the courts, being accused of stealing. He was later dropped as a candidate but eventually won his case.

But now the same allegations have surfaced. Wilson added, “Upon discovering his [Munroe] dishonesty, the leadership of the party met with him and has given him a deadline in which to return the missing funds. This action is consistent with the DNA’s public commitment to offering quality candidates in the upcoming general election: Persons of integrity, persons of vision and good character and persons who can command the respect and support of the voting public.”

Munroe has since suggested that the scandal was all a misunderstanding. But all we at BP says is this: just follow the man and you would see if it wasn’t for BP he might have been the Minister of Finance.

We report yinner decide!