The FNM is Selling the Country and giving away the LAND! Mackey Yard Residents To Be Regularize?

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Inrgaham...WHAT A FAILURE!!!

The Bahamas is now officially up for sale, and the Free National Movement Government has taken the act a step further by selling the birthright of ALL BAHAMIANS for an election!

Bahamas Press has learnt the FNM government has announced via the media its intent to meet with all former residents of Mackey Yard. The move is to meet with them to discuss ways to regularize them in the country.

Readers would remember in December a huge fire engulfed the squatter’s community, delivering scores of undocumented nationals homeless.

Some 38 years later, with thousands of Bahamians waiting to become homeowners, unable to purchase a plot of land now out of reach, the Government of the FNM is announcing its intent to document ILLEGALS and provide housing for the squatters? WHAT IN HELL IS THIS?

In Feb this year Bahamas Press reported some six residents of the Mackey Yard area in the Fire Trail community were recently assisted by a top FNM to be registered for the upcoming general elections. We are told all the persons were without the required documents; including information relating to their status in The Bahamas.

We are told all six members of that community were registered by the Parliamentary Commissioner’s office. All the persons we are told only presented their driver’s licenses and their former voter’s card. None of the persons we can confirm presented any form of birth certifies or valid passports in the process.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham along with several Cabinet colleagues following the fire in December visited Mackey Yard, delivering a truckload of assistance from the government; including the rebuilding of homes for the squatters to get a first preference to purchase the homes built at the expense of taxpayers.

Government will now meet with those residents this week and organize plans to formalize them as citizens.

Come this Tuesday morning an additional group of new Bahamians are expected to take the pledge at a ceremony at Hawkins Hill.


  1. I live about 3 minutes away from Mackey yard and it is hell. Last night a meeting was held by some officials including Mr. Kenneth Russell and we were not satisfied at what was said. The residents of Mackey yard were told that they have to move in order for the land to be cleared down, to me it was if they were begging them to work with them. It didn’t seems as if they were given a date to move so that proper action can be taken. When they do move, who knows when that will be, the land will be cleared down and those who had squarted there will be given first preference to purchase a government home. These people included Bahamian citizens, persons who hold a permanent residence and those who are entitled to be Bahamians. Those who are illegal were asked to leaved immediately. My concern is that these people did something wrong but yet they have the oppotunity to purchase land before people who wanted to buy land years ago and were told that land is not available for sale. we who are paying high mortgages have to endure the pile of garbage that these people seems to ignore but yet they will be given first preference to buy land at the cheapest rate in The Bahamas. The government is not helping the hard working people because the village is growing day by day and no one is helping us. i wonder how Mr Russell would have feel if he was in our shoes? I’m hoping and praying that there will be another government who can bring us relief because the FNM is obviously not helping. I saw first hand last night how the Haitians had more say than Bahamians, their voices were louder than the Bahamians and as a matter of fact when a Bahamian stood up to voice her concern about 50% of the Haitians who were there got up and walked out. One haitian even asked the question why he couldn’t buy a piece of land and he has a working permit. This country is gone and that is why the crime rate is so high, no one wants to follow the rules of the land and there are no one in authority to enforce the law.

  2. Guess what I am going to take the citizenship from PM and still vote for the PLP, because Hubert and his goons are only doing this to obtain votes. We all know who is the best man for this country and it’s surely not Hubert.

  3. BP on an unrelated but somewhat serious note, do you find it strange that we have two voting registers, one for 2007 and the other for 2012? I don’t know about you but I can smell trouble 10 months away.

    • no, the old register is in the event a bi-election is called and for local government elections that they just had.

      the new register will be for the upcoming elections only. if u havent registered in 07 or registered by july 14, u cant vote in a bi-election or local govt election (for the family islands).

      its always been that way.


  5. Not only are we giving away our land we are giving taxi badges at a price to hatians who are not qualify to drive a vehicle. Ask the controller what the hell is going on and check the taxi lines and see what we have to cope with on a daily basis. I will not let any damn hatian get a job over me!

  6. What I don’t understand is if the FNM has such low support to be returned to govern for another five years, then what is the fear about a few people gaining citizenship? Surely those few votes, assuming that they will vote FNM in the first place, would not be sufficient to return the FNM to power for another five years.

    I applaud the government for attempting to do something about the situation of Mackey Yard and other areas. We cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand and pretend these groups of people do not exist and to allow them to live as they are and say that we are compassionate. It’s quite ironic that reading some of the responses to this story what is being said is that the PLP would be compassionate to do nothing about the situation of Mackey Yard and the FNM is not compassionate in attempting to address the situation. I can only surmise from this that compassion can only be shown toward so called “real Bahamians”. And what is a “real Bahamian”? Can anyone define this for me? I have cousins whose mothers went to the U.S. to have the baby born there. Are they Bahamian or American? I have a nephew that went to school in the U.S. had a baby with a U.S. citizen, is his son Bahamian or American?

    The painful truth that many Bahamians will have to accept is that many of the persons who came here illegally or were born here by illegal parents will have to be made citizens of the Bahamas. Ignoring and treating these people like they are less than human will only create more social ills. We must accept them and make them one of us. The wrong thing to do is to push them into a corner and force them to create another country within ours.

    • CONTINUED…..The Bahamas cannot be responsible for a group of irresponsible freeloaders whose own Country and Countrymen does not seem to want them. Why do you think we do not have many/any Haitian tourists in the Bahamas. Are you not aware that there are millionaires in Haiti?

      Truth is that they think that there is something wrong with us that we should not only tolerate, but also encourage this very low class of Haitian to settle amongst us. I did not make this up. Look at the facts.

      And what is this farce about Haitians having built the Bahamas? Haven’t they been paid for the work they did? When the Canadian came here to work in the Bank, did we later say that the Canadians built the Banking Community? No. So stop trying to attribute more worth to Haitian labour than is due.
      If Chinese workers of people from South America could have made it here – because of the circumstances in their countries, they may have accepted even less pay. So the Haitians have not done us any favour – they worked and they were paid – just as you work and are paid and have no claim to your boss’ business! The problem is that the original employees, people like the Abaconian, did not see to it that they were repatriated. It is people like him that has caused the problem, but we choose to turn a blind eye – why?

      It appears obvious to me that the Haitians have a diabolical plan – they really believe that they can take over the Bahamas. Take it over – and reduce it to what – squalor and filth?

      Watch how they live and see for yourself that if we continue to try to carry them on our backs, we will as a Country, be dragged back to the 1960’s, because that is where this group of Haitians we keep attracting are in their development.

      Bahamianrealist, you need to revise your thinking or else, describe yourself as you really are, a Hatiannationalist!

      It does not matter if only one illegal Haitian is made legal and given the opportunity to vote. It is still wrong! When you find that 6 people have broken into your house and taken up residence there – at what stage do you say to them that they are welcome? Illegal immigrants are like robbers who have broken into our Country and taken up residence. With them, they have brought all of their bad habits and traits. Truth is, their own Country of origin is happy that they are leaving.

      Every Bahamian knows who a real Bahamamian is = are you one?

      At a time when Bahamians are suffering through unemployment, sickness, stress brought on by road conditions, the alarming murder rate, you tell me that a caring FNM government is considering giving free land to illegal immigrants. What kind of madness is this? Has someone taken leave of their senses? This is truly an insane and diabolical plan.

      WHAT ABOUT BAHAMIANS???????????

  7. Not really something the government wants to touch right now. It is interesting that the government is seeking to so quickly bringing relief to the residents of Mackey Yard. There are Bahamians that are losing their homes left and right. Others who cannot afford to purchase homes and some how the government deems it necessary to be selective in who they choose to help. The funny thing is probably 90% of the MPs can’t tell you where Mackey Yard is nor do they care. Their apparent concern is a farce and I hope that all Bahamians can see right through it.

  8. according to the parliamentary act, u do realize u only need ONE OR THE OTHER….passport and/or a past voters card and a valid photo id. yall dumb just like ZNS…too like stir up mix-up…gone deny this post like u did my others when i called u out with ur fake ass stories with your bad information. i really wish someone would sue yall

    • If these “New Bahamians” already get the hook-up with citizenship, how hard will it be for them to get a passport? Especially with a letter from Papa or Brent; not to mention all the new people they sent to the passport office.
      Maybe you so dumb for not noticing that Bahamians have less of a say in our own destiny, while anyone with money can have their way with us.

      • JS, u realize that with the past voters card they would have had a passport to get that, right? that problem, u take to the government. The parliamentary registration didnt issue them passports.
        Im just sick of the wrong information being fed to the public and ppl are eating it like gospel.
        Like the story about the registration kit going missing. that whole story was false. and u can QUOTE me on that. everything was accounted for AND the office was open that day and i KNOW that for a FACT because i dropped someone to work at 10am AND picked them up at 6pm that evening!
        I agree with the story, just correcting the wrongs. I cant get land in my own country but a bunch of illegals can? thats garbage!
        the US Embassy will deny a Bahamian a visa left, right and center but our Bahamian government will issue a Passport and citizenship to any illegal, as long as theyre willing to vote…smt, dont get me started!

  9. BP,

    Can we still claim British citizenship? Working hard ain’t worth it anymore when the government just giving it all away. Nothing left for me, nothing left to pass on to my children. All foreigners got more rights to my own birth rights than me!!!

  10. BP I just loves that photo of the donkey. You wouldn’t have by chance snapped that shot on one of your undercover visits to The house of Assembly? Just that the Ass looks kinda familiar!
    Here this FNM cabinet can’t go any faster to win over the support of the undocumented, while all along there are thousands of Bahamians without paychecks, many who also voted for them, who haven’t had enough food in their stomachs for months to even experience a good regularizing movement.
    I hear lots Bahamians when grocery shopping has had to stop Squeezing the Charmin and is heading direct to the No Name Brands isle. .
    There is no greater embarrassment for a pretend Big Shot than to be spotted with a bulk sized package of 24 rolls of what my buddy calls that John Wayne toilet paper, cause it’s just like the rough and tough movie star, and it don’t take much carp from nobody. .
    Even if you’re dead broke it’s still a good idea to keep one or two rolls of that much softer texture Charmin in the Bathroom, just in case you have unexpected friends stop by your place. Now, try telling your kids that the two rolls of Charming is only if guests stop by?

  11. KB… You are on point with this. This is some DEEP STUFF. BAHAMIANS WAKE UP!!!!!!THE MAJORITY OF THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE SAT BACK FOR WHATEVER REASONS and Allowed this fnm government to sell BTC. Now are WE GOING TO SIT BACK and let all of these people to become CITIZENS OF THE BAHAMAS in order to win an election? To add insult to injury, they are going to become NEW LAND OWNERS,while BAMAMIANS ,REAL BAHAMIANS are on the wait list for homes for years. Young hard working Bahamians, many single mothers and single fathers just cant seem to get a break. What about our children,grand children and Bahamians not born, what is to become of them? My people this truly breaks my heart on this 38th year of our indepdence. We need to rise up as ONE PEOPLE, not Red not Yellow, not Green but as A PEOPLE. THis is no joke. If you wait until the election to make your point, the damage would have already been done!!! All of the OPPOSITION PARTYS need to unite on this issue. put your political differance aside, raise HELL and find out what in the HELL is going on!!!Rise up people.

  12. do yal really think this don’t care FNM give a shit about the thousands of bahamians who work and sweat and can get a peace of are own land while the foreigners getting all free. will think again there no wonder they coming here by the thousands where els can they get treat like this when people was telling yal this man sell his soul to the hatian for power yall think we was joking will now yall see who he love most to tell the truth i glad he doing it hopefully this will make yal see the PLP was and is the only one’s who care about the people in this country.



  13. Come on man! What da hell is goin on now…da white man come tief my land and when I ga court dey say it aint mines…but i prov its mines…now dese udder peoples come and da govmen dem give free land…wat da f’ing goinn on in hubigiety dem minds!

  14. This song describes exactly how this good for nuttin’ FNM Government is just giving our beautiful country away like a ‘jackass’ Speaking of jackasses, while looking at the video, the brown donkey looks like a MP from the south east part of Nassau !

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