The FNM MP aka 96 counts Adrian GIBSON trial set for May 2023…

FNM MP Adrian Gibson

Nassau| Embattled Long Island MP Adrian Gibson’s corruption trial is set to begin in the Supreme Court in May 2023 before Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson.

She set the trial date after she refused to recuse herself from the high-profile case, which stems from allegations that Gibson benefited financially from lucrative Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) contracts awarded to his relatives and close associates while he served as executive chairman.

In court today, Gibson’s attorney Murrio Ducille, KC argued further there is perceived bias because of which government appointed her to the Supreme Court bench. Ducille also argued that Grant-Thompson’s late husband was a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Cabinet Minister. However, Peter Bethell died 22 years ago and his widow has since remarried.

Justice Grant-Thompson said it is a disgraceful allegation and pointed out that judges are appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission (JLSC) with the exception of the Chief Justice, who is appointed by the Prime Minister after consultation with the leader of the opposition.

She also refused Ducille’s application for a gag order.

Gibson and six others, including his cousin, campaign general and the former WSC general manager, were arraigned in the Magistrates Court this summer on a number of charges including bribery, attempted bribery and money laundering.

One of Gibson’s co-defendants has since pleaded guilty to bribing the FNM MP.