The Gallaghers: 'The Bahamian police has been a catalogue of disasters…"



The British toddler killed by the a boat that ran out of control onto the beach. We at Bahamas Press continue to see this same reckless sport even after the death of the Paul Jr.

Nassau, The Bahamas – The Gallaghers who lost their child in a freak accident in the country, have finally discovered what Bahamians have been saying about the process of justice all along.

Two weeks ago the Sunday newspaper [The Bugle] reported that Magistrate courts stopped sitting in the family islands all because of insufficient funds. Thus, the wheel of justice grind to a halt. Delaying cases for a full year leaving lawyers frustrated and real justice unserved to members of the public to which it is to protect.

Bahamas Press would admit that The Bahamas must be the most ‘lawless society in the world!’ Where kids are killed by unlicensed boat drivers high on drugs. Where taxi drivers are all over raping under aged teens and told to come back to the station another day. Where teachers are raping young children in the classroom and if someone is caught and brought before the courts, with many days of delay, yes even a preacher would walk free.

Added to this, the question, “Is murder still a crime anymore” is ask over and over and over, but still police nor the courts are able to give a definitive answer, not even on the murder count.

We are sadden by this most unfortunate incident that took place in the country, but has anything changed since then? Or has it made a turn for the worse? We believe the latter has occurred, and at a point of no return.

“The way the whole investigation was carried out by the Bahamian police has been a catalogue of disasters,” Paul Gallagher the father of the toddler said to British press.

“We have no doubt that a manslaughter charge would be appropriate. We will not stop until the boat driver and the boat owner are put in jail.” The father concluded.

Two British Metropolitan Police officers flew to the Bahamas last summer to review the case with local police.

Their report reveals that after the crash, Bain [The operator of the vessel] provided blood and urine samples. The Gallaghers were told these were never tested at the time.

When the samples were tested by the British team, they showed that Bain’s blood contained 5.1 nanograms of carboxy-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient in marijuana plants.

The Bahamian police claim that while this indicated Bain had been using cannabis, it did not mean his ability to drive or control the boat was impaired.

However, the new report warns that the samples may have deteriorated since 2002 because of the way they were stored and the readings may have been higher at the time they were taken.

The British officers also revealed Bain was operating without a proper license or insurance and said the original investigation was ‘flawed’.

They then urged the Bahamian police to reopen the case to determine the ‘criminal culpability of the boat owners and operators’.

“When someone is killed abroad in unusual circumstances and their body is brought back into English jurisdiction a Coroner must hold an Inquest. The circumstances of Paul’s death are still surrounded in mystery. The Inquest will return a verdict on his cause of death.” The family’s solicitor Warren Collins of Alexander Harris said.


  1. Ok, so it’s legal to drive high in this country now? I mean, it’s legal to use drugs… so it appears from this report.
    That was a grusome scene. That baby was sitting on a beach with his family on a vacation they must have spent thousands on to get here and his family have to witness his head getting crushed with that powerful watercraft and then relive his death in court and still nothing to let that poor soul rest in peace.
    Anna Nicole and John Travolta are getting their cases heard faster than this with regard to their children. I am disappointed that we claim to value tourists but allow matters like this to go unresolved. With this and Tagia (that woman who was nursing her baby when she got gunned down) and other major incidents that join the dustbunnies who get swept under the rug we should be ashamed of ourselves as a nation. BP, these people don’t remember Natalee Hollaway. Yes Stan, this is the Bahamas and it keeps getting better.

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