Crime on the campus of COB



At approximately 7:00 p.m. on 14th April, a female student reported to Campus Security that she parked her Green 1994 Honda Civic car in the T-Block Parking Lot. She secured the vehicle before leaving for class. Upon her return at 9:36 p.m., she discovered that the car was missing. A thorough search of the campus by security officers proved fruitless. In an effort to identify and arrest person (s) responsible for this theft, the Central Detective Unit’s Stolen Vehicle Section are reviewing the tapes from The College’s surveillance cameras, located in the T-Block.

The Security Department reports that car thieves are targeting Nissan Sentras and Honda Civics. They report that persons come on campus, access the vehicles with a key and drive away. Security officers, therefore, are unaware that these individuals are stealing cars because there is no sign of forced entry or behaviour that would indicate that the vehicle in question is being stolen. The Department is requesting that persons, particularly those driving Nissan and Honda models, properly secure their vehicles and, as far as possible, install an alarm system and or a wheel security lock.

Anyone with information regarding this recent incident is asked to contact Campus Security. Your identity will remain confidential.


  1. Its so sad… are being stolen all the times……rumorss started that the security guards are in on the deal………….but it jus might be a rumors…..but the security guards are never patrolling. they are to busy riding the security cars over to mcdonalds…….

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