What is the current murder count in The Bahamas?



Someone wants to kill this preacher, Rev. Dr. Simeon B. Hall, head of the Crime Commission in The Bahamas. Bishop Hall has received death threats for his speaking out on murder in The Bahamas. The Bishop has gone on record demanding the authorities to solve a pair of murders in country asking them to stop withholding information. Bahamaspress.com is seriously concerned about another murder however, that took place in Eleuthera, where a 65 year old church mother, Mrs. Cates was found brutally murdered. Her killer is still on the loose running wild in the country, and no one is talking about her brutal death which occurred in her peaceful home late last year.

Nassau, The Bahamas – Chicago’s city mayor Mr. Richard Daley has called an emergency meeting with his city officials in the United States, because the second largest city simply reported some 40 shooting incidents in a single day. Now this huge city with millions of persons has just 40 shootings (NOT MURDERS) and the mayor of the town calls it a crisis.

But here in Nassau, The Bahamas 40 shootings is a daily occurrence. In fact, if we look closer at this in the detailed reports of shooting in The Bahamas – if someone is recording properly – The Bahamas has almost experienced beyond 40 shootings that have resulted in nearly 40 murders for the year 2008.

What was amazing in last night’s report is that whilst ZNS TV did report the fatal shooting of a taxi driver at the popular eatery, Subway in Palmdale, and later (2 hours later) the fatal stabbing at a house party in Kemp Road on Saturday, The national TV station never once mentioned what was the current murder count. Nor could they account how many shooting incidents had occurred on Saturday alone.

Chicago’s mayor Daley knows he has a problem with person shooting guns, but here in The Bahamas, as the head of the Crime Commission is now under death threats for speaking about murders, we in The Bahamas know we have a problem with murders but continue to bury our heads in the sand.

In The Bahamas people are dying like flies, murdered by guns! With 50,000 warrant of arrest out for persons in this society and almost 5,000 once licensed guns out on the streets, Baghdad city appears to be a more secure place.

Since the public cannot get the numbers of persons that have died this week in the country, we at Bahamas Press would know for certain according to reports some five persons were murdered this past week alone.

We believe ZNS is still upset, having had to divert from their week long forest fire story. A great deflection from what is really happening in the country.


Forest Fires have been broadcast as a top story on ZNS for days now. What is the national station hiding? The fires clearly hide what is really happening in the country, people dying at fast food restaurants and right in their homes. Is murder a crime anymore in The Bahamas?


  1. so i’m a bahamian the murder count is 81 and its just july 28 bey my country dangerous

  2. Bit late in the day on this article, but the population of The Bahamas is 362,000 and say the murder rate is 80 people per year. So that is a murder rate of 22/100,000.

    Chicago had a murder rate of 18/100,000 in 2008 according to Chicago PD figures.

  3. your brother must be the slackest of the slack.every year there are thousands of fire calls. stupid ass

  4. Casual observer is letting his red, white and blue pom poms show. BP Media is making such a powerful point that I think it needs to be made again. Last year, the “official” murder count was 79, however, over 85 people died as a result of homicide inflicted by others. The term murder is a legal classification that the police and justice system use but more people were KILLED in this country than were declared murdered.

    This is something the media will not chase down if their life depended on it because it shows just how scary this town is and how ineffective the government has been. The current “murder” count for the year up until April 30th is 25. That is 6.25 per month that have been classified as “murder”. At this rate, we are on track for 75 murders again and again, that is only the ones the police classified as murders. Keep in mind that there are at least three pending deaths that have obvious homicide to them that have not been declared as murders yet.

    Now who’s cooking the numbers Causal Observer? Could that be the reason why the southern half of Nassau is burning down? And not to be blunt but since when are Bahamian firemen “overworked and under paid?” Those firemen have the cushiest job in this country. 24 hours on duty, 48 hours off and the probability (at least until recently) of maybe one or two fires to respond to in a week at best. The most strenuous thing they do is play dominos when all of their checks are done and that is a fact. I know because my brother is a fireman and he’s online 24/7 when he’s “on duty.”

  5. LMAO @ MEDIA “ZNS would continue to count how much forest fires are breaking out across the capital, but don’t see the need to answer, how much murders have occurred. “REAL STUPIDITY INDEED!”…… nuff said youll does kill me

  6. Casual Observer, if you would only read what we said you would see we at Bahamas Press NEVER asked about whether you carried the murders or not, we asked, “What is the current murder count in The Bahamas?”

    And that answer was NEVER in ZNS newscast on Saturday, Or did the operatives at ZNS deleted that line?

    And to show “STUPIDITY”, ZNS would continue to count how much forest fires are breaking out across the capital, but don’t see the need to answer, how much murders have occurred. “REAL STUPIDITY INDEED!”


  7. Fair Lady, BP is asking a question. READ THE HEADLINE. Most of us do not know the Official rather “REAL” count.

  8. Do you people even watch the news???

    Both the murder and the stabbing were reported over the weekend.
    And let me guess? By saying we have X amount of murders over and over again is going to somehow solve the crime problem?
    That certainly makes feel a whole lot safer.

    And I would think, that if a fire is raging in the south of the island, for several days then maybe, just maybe, the people who live in the area and those who are inhaling the smoke, might be interested in hearing about what is going on.
    Not to mention the lack of resources in a situation like this.
    And then, there are the firemen who have been working the fires for two weeks. But I guess to hell with them too, they are just police officers who are overworked and under paid…

    For the record, the accused in the Eleuthera murder is currently awaiting trial. As usual, the “stupidity grapevine” is in full effect when it comes to accurate information in this town.

    And can we decide what we want? On any given day I hear people bitching and complaining about the amount of crime in the news and now, you are bitching and complaining that there isn’t enough of it.
    Let us make up our minds people.
    Or better still, why don’t you make an attempt to do something about the problem.
    How about that?

  9. I am still waiting for the real murder count of 2007, which surpassed the quoted 79.

    It’s amazing how the real issues somehow seem to get get sweeped under the carpet since may 2007.

  10. What I find interesting is that while you criticize zns, you too have not mentioned the murder count in your article.

    What is it? Do you know?

  11. isnt the count @ 25…. remember according to the ZNS you talkiing about the Kemp Road stabbing took PLACE AROUND 2AM SAT MORN ……. the shooting happened at 2PM. So if we follow what you suggest that would mean the house party was at 4pm lol? hmmmmmmmmm intresting ….thats according to what i heard on ZNS of course ….. i only count 4 people killed this week not 5. (i may have missed one correct me if im wrong) double shooting in Grand bahama on Wednesday (#22 & 23)….and Saturday’s killings, (Stabbing and Subway shooting #24 & 25)

    but 4real who wants to hear about a fire all day because i agree political,church,civic,junkanoo hell all leaders really need to stop jokin and brainstorm and come up with something to address the issue of crime cause hell i thinkn twice now bout stopping to KFC or On the run or something ya know.

    Are you serious the murderer of the Cates lady still on the streets? i coulda swear i saw on Cable 12 last year when a light skinned fellow was taken to court fa that. and i think i heard something else late last year bout another person was charged in connection with that same case. but aye double check what i say like ya say media we cant trust the local media only BP 😉

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