The great parable now coming out of lyford Cay – “King Frog”


What could be the meaning behind the GREAT KING POISONOUS FROG now hanging around Lyford Cay?Ingraham was in the area recently!

King Toad in Lyford Cay - READ THE PARABLE!

Nassau, Bahamas — THE GREAT BP PARABLE! According to all news reports some foreign conchiejoe decided to buy and import one of those poisonous killer frogs out at Lyford Cay?

Now all the natives are in shock. The fighting crime and now they hear the KILLER FROG is one the loose.

All we say is this: READ THE PARABLE and add it up! Couple months ago it was the White Tiger in Long Island which nobody but Loretta saw.

Then it was the Rattle Snake eggs with the Palm Trees in the 80s. Joke was – Rattle Snakes don’t lay eggs. But the WUTLESS MEDIA GAT EVERYONE CUSSIN THE GOVERNMENT!

Follow the great PARABLE!

We report yinner decide!