The man accused of the attempted murder of a woman and a police detective is dead!

Shannon Wilson, 28

NASSAU| And so another man known to police is dead tonight the 16th homicide victim in the country and the second man to be killed on the streets in just 12 hours. 

Now, this latest shooting is interesting. Twenty-eight-year-old Shannon Wilson is the victim. He was shot just before 9 pm Friday evening on Thatch Palm Avenue and Cottonwood Street and taken to hospital where he died en route. 

Wilson was back in 2019 charged with the attempted murder of Adena Young on April 1. He was acquitted after prosecutors dealing with the case failed to attach the statement of the victim on the charge sheet. WHAT WAS THAT?

At the same time, Wilson was on bail for the attempted murder of (get this) Detective Constable 3569 Kendrick Brown on June 10, 2016. He lived long!

Bahamas Press warns killers that this is no time to be walking around. Scores do settle and justice will prevail! He becomes the 16th homicide victim for the year.

We report yinner decide!