“The Morning After”- Letter in response to Ivoine Ingraham’s letter of May 8th, 2012


Ivoine Ingraham

Dear B.P. Editor:

Please publish this response to W. Ingraham’s Editorial letter titled “The Morning After” dated My 8, 2012, which was widely published.

“Mr. Ivoinne Ingraham, we accept your congratulations however sarcastic they may be, and offer you our most sincere condolences for your party’s shattering defeat at the polls on May 7, 2012. Yes, the Bahamian people said in No Uncertain Terms that we do NOT want the FNM and “Yes!” we trust the PLP more than the FNM to manage our affairs for the next 5 years!

No Sir, we do not believe that there will be an immediate end to the current spate of murders, while we hope that there will be an introduction of an  “OPERATION CEASEFIRE”, we are not naive regarding our current reality. We do know that the PLP has a plan for crime; “Project Safe Bahamas’ that we hope will have a possitive impact on crime reduction. We know that our government will revise the Bail Act so that people charged with murder (in some cases multiple murders) do not get bail.

We know that our government will re-establish the “Witness Protection Program”, that was foolishly abandoned by the previous government.  God knows that the FNM’s plan for crime was not working!  Sir, do not assume that the Bahamian people who voted for PLP’s are fools! We know that we will not have jobs overnight, but we do know that our government will do everything in their power to put Bahamians back to work.  Unlike the previous government who provided jobs for foreigners, i.e. Argentineans, Chinese, Canadians etc!

Sir, on the subject of Corruption, yes, we do believe that FNM Corruption will cease!  Our new Minister of Tourism will not give lucrative contracts to companies that only exist on paper!  None of our new ministers will take helicopter rides in exchange for permission to destroy our national parks, nor will our ministers pay their “friends” hundreds of thousands of dollars to deliver sand to nor build toilets on the beach. Our new ministers will not give contracts to cronies, use the kick-back monies to build summer homes, host elaborate parties nor fund election campaigns, etc.

Sir, I beg to differ with that scenario that you described regarding the Bahamian people’s mindset, five years ago when the FNM was reelected for their third term. The Bahamian public awoke after the general election of May 2, 2007 and realized that the were in bed with the Satan the Devil, Adolph Hitler and “Batman’s Joker” all rolled into one. Yes sir, even the blind amongst us know what the PLP did while in office from 2002- 2007.  They provided thousands of jobs for Bahamians and lowered our unemployment rate. They established an award winning Urban Renewal Program that had the potential to break the back of crime.  They established a ministry that was responsible for attracting foreign investments to our shores, while keeping the taxes down during the  recession,  built 1,300 homes, while substantially growing our economy. The list goes on….

Yes sir, we will see how genuine the PLP are this time in office, because the FNM’s were not!  Sir, there will be no mad dash for the “Cookie Jar”, for the “Cookie Jar” no longer exist! It was destroyed weeks and months ago, when so many fat hands tried to jam their way into it,   while at the same time shattering it!  All that remains today are IOU’s that we the Bahamian people will have to repay for generations to come.

Yes, Mr. Ivoine Ingraham, my brother, time will tell!  You need to take your head from deep in the bowels of the FNM, where it has been for far to long and smell the sweet breeze blowing over our Bahamaland. You will realize that you too, were hoodwinked, bamboozled run amuck and lied to (at the last FNM convention!).

No sir, unlike your failed leader, Hubert Alexander Ingraham, real soldiers do not cry, they also do not grab their marbles, quit the game nor go home when they have lost!”

S. C. Hall,
Nassau, Bahamas