Look what is Earl Deveaux Dept. of Environment did to poor folks?


Earl Deveaux, Minister of The Environment and the most CORRUPT minister in all Ingraham's Cabinet!

FNM kicked woman with hotdog stand off land to give property to Lynn Holowesko

BP is republishing this story for all to see and read what the DAMN FNM did to the poor. A young woman kicked off the land from selling hot dogs so the FIRED GOVERNMENT could give Lynn Holowesko’s and Lyford Cay the property.

Nassau, Bahamas- Sept. 2010 — Disturbing information coming to our newsroom at this time tells of the plight of a young Bahamian lady, whose life has been turned upside down twice. The first time was when the House she purchased in Adastra Gardens started to crumble. This was due to the shoddy work done allegedly by a wutless contractor hired by Kenneth Russell and Brensil Rolle. Major repairs had to be undertaken and she is still not in the house.

Now here comes the Dept of the Environment in the form of the Deputy Director, Vincent Sweeting. This Bahamian lady operates a hot dog cart at the roundabout at Lyford Cay. She has complied with all of the necessary requirements. She has been issued a license, health certificate and permit [SEE ATTACH AT THE BOTTOM]. All of a sudden, Mr. Sweeting writes on her permit that it has been revoked.

This lady has been to all levels of the Ministry to find out what the problem is. She has been stonewalled and lied to. Finally, a senior official at the Ministry told her, “Sometimes the innocent suffers for the guilty”. It appears as if the “hogs” in Lyford Cay does not want her there. This is a Bahamian operating on crown land and the mongrels out there don’t want her or her ilk out there. We cry shame on them!

We say to the officials, correct this wrong before we start exposing the real crooks at the Dept of the Environment. We have stories of Inspectors taking bribes to pass filthy kitchens. Please, this lady has suffered and only wants to make a living to pay her bills.

A reader said to us, “BP,it is all of the injustices in this country that is causing all the suicides, the people have no hope, they only see despair.”

We ask one question of the Gov’t., why are there so much Filipinos at Lyford Cay, and a Bahamian is being stopped from selling hotdogs? How will she be able to pay for that shabby house that was sold to her by the Gov’t.? We cry shame on this wutless, uncaring Mugabe led Gov’t. WE CRY ‘DUTTY’ SHAME!

We need change Bahamas!


  1. u(lesescargots@yahoo.com) with the sanitation problem.there are lots of food stores and restaurants with the same questions to be asked. stop being a grade “A”student

  2. thats just one of the many stories coming out of lyford cay..i was told one time i could not enter the store barefeet, but later that day i saw one of the rich n famous residents of lyford cay with her dog in the food store…go figure. Several years ago when our little darlings were being knocked down on the streets of nassau, the police would be in lyford cay every morning @8:15 directing traffic for the kids at lyford cay school .talk about change….we need it more than ever now.

  3. Look at Lyford Cay come under fire. Boy I tell ya this is how the poor and weak live, chase them into the village and make sure they survive.


  4. Are you kidding me? A hot dog cart, that’s disgusting. Where does the vendor wash her hands? Where do the patrons dispose of their trash? How can anyone be sure the product is fresh? Are the toppings refrigerated? And on, and on… Barf

    • @lesescargots@yahoo.com, I take it that you don’t buy any food item from street vendors or eat outside of your home all at. Most of the food we eat outside of our homes we have the slightest idea of the conditions that they are prepared under. If she was given approval to operate, how disgusting could it be? Maybe you should visit her cart to make a purchase and answer those questions for yourself. You sound just like one of those “hogs” in the Lyford Cay area that BP is talking about.

  5. mama hungry papa hungry these politicians and stiff neck hypocritical fools who do not want the less fortunate to live are not going to stop until some one can not take any more decide to set example.all politicians and stiff neck fools stop playing.when i am hungry you claim to know how i am felling .but you never been hungry or forget how it feels.

  6. Thank God for sites like this exposing corruption. Because they’re exposed, they will reverse what they did. Keep exposing them.

    • Look what is happening to the innocent? RUSHED aside and kicked to the curb in this country. It is no wonder Bahamians are committing suicide these days. For some it is their only way out!


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