18 APRIL 2011

There is a problem with being a copy cat. It only works up to a point. After a while though, the copy is revealed to be a fake and the people realize you must stick with the original. Today people see what a bad copy the Free National Movement is. People are more and more turning to the real thing: the Progressive Liberal Party.

In responding to the FNM’s most recent commentary published in The Tribune on Monday 18th April, we make the point that the FNM are the ones who are making Cassius Stuart an issue. He is past history and having made a political mistake by joining the FNM, he must live with it.

Of more urgent note and import is what is to be done about unemployment; about the fact that people cannot pay their mortgages and school fees and power bills; that people are sleeping in cars in Grand Bahama and throughout The Bahamas because they have been put out of their homes and have no place to live. The issues are the economy and how under Hubert Ingraham and the FNM we have gone from almost full employment when the PLP left office in 2007 to the fact that there is near record unemployment today.

This is the legacy of the FNM that they cannot walk away from. So to orchestrate the crossover of Cassius Stuart does not resolve any of those problems. BTC is still gone from the Bahamian people. Unemployment is still at record levels. There are unprecedented requests for money from Members of Parliament because people simply have no jobs and no cash to take care of their basic needs. One consequence of all of this is that crime is out of control and seems to be getting worse every day.

Another issue is the fact that there are five FNM Members of Parliament in Grand Bahama. Three of them are Cabinet Ministers, yet the economy of that island is going down the tubes. There is no hope for the people of Grand Bahama, just hopelessness. The Prime Minister says that he will not even speak to the owners of the Grand Bahama Port Authority on the future of the business in Grand Bahama; this is regrettable. The PLP will certainly change that.

Throughout the country there has been a sharp increase in the cost of living with food prices, the cost of gasoline and increases in electricity bills for those who have power. Inflation has become a major issue and there have been no increases in wages to offset the inflation.

It is interesting that while there are so many problems facing our people the Prime Minister can close down the House of Assembly and find monies to attend a Royal Wedding essentially on holiday in England while this country deteriorates. Imagine this unnecessary cost to the tax payer, monies that can be used to bring relief to hurting Bahamians.

The PLP commits itself as a government to people first. The first issue we shall tackle upon a return to office is the unemployment problem. We will seek to put Bahamians back to work. We have pledged to recapture BTC for the Bahamian people. We pledge to put in place a crime fighting effort to help break the back of crime and the fear of crime.

We have no doubt that the FNM acted and pressed to get Cassius Stuart because they saw that the PLP got Dr. Andre Rollins. The FNM was taken by surprise with the choice of Dr. Rollins and had to act quickly to copy the PLP’s success in recruiting from the next generation of leaders. Standby FNM. There is more to come but we do not buy support. We win friends and influence people. We fight for hearts and minds of the Bahamian people.

In the meantime, what the Bahamian people expect from the FNM is not more smoke and mirror politics and idle newspaper commentaries but policies that will solve the myriad of problems created by this government since they came to office in 2007.

Bahamians are paying attention to the failures of the last four years.


  1. I add the “INSULT” reported by Cable 12 News tonight to this list from the PLP. How can this country justify spending $250,000.00 per year to purchase cigarettes for prisoners at H.M. Prison and cut the amount given to private schools as an annual subsidy, thereby causing an immediate school fees increase for families who are attempting to provide a SOUND education for their children How does this make sense in today’s economic environment? If some stupid, outdated law requires this then why not amend the darn law IMMEDIATELY! Tommy T this is on you … again.

  2. Cassius Stuart i always thought something was mentally wrong with you. Your wife would be a fool now to support you under the FNM. I hope she remembers her father is the V. Alfred Gray. His voice is a powerful one against Hubert Ingraham in the house of assembly. She had embarrassed her father when she married you, when she walked with you in Elizabeth and now I hope she won’t again by support-ing you with the FNM Party. Children tend to forget how their parents took care of them and supported them. Blood is suppose to be thicker than water. Family is for life, husbands come and go. If Cassius wife have any dignity left in her I hope she support her husband privately and not publicly. I think this is the worst decision Cassius have made. His political career is definitely over, not that it had taken off in the first place. People who actually respected you Cassius have tossed you to hell. The PM
    is a heartless, cruel, power struck, arrogant individual. If people out there thinks this man cares about them and vote the FNM back in I am sorry
    for them and this country. I am ashame that my one
    son have to grow up in this type of society. Martin
    Luther King once said I would one day like for my
    people to be judge by the contents of their character
    and not the color of their skin. In the Bahamas I wish we would be allowed to keep our jobs because of
    our education and the quality of our work performance. The FNM government need to stop victimizing individuals. Discrimination should be a crime, ops I am sorry crime is so high I do not need
    a next one on the law books. Cassius this is the type
    of leader you have chosen and the poor people need to
    turn their backs on you.

    • @GM, this is a classic example of what is really wrong with us ya know. Why you spitting so much venom at Cassius’s wife? I got to call the church on this one cause you know how we like to be in church like we real Christians. First of all the good Bible says that when you get married you forsake all others for your spouse right. They are now a union and the family is the second fiddle. So which law you want to roll with God’s law or man’s law?

      Secondly, why even bring this man’s wife into the picture. She is supposed to stand by her man. But yet it seems that you would want her to break up her family over political views? What about the future of their children – oh, I guess now that Cassius is with FNM they suddenly don’t matter either?

      We talk about the dutty media, dutty politicians, dutty police, dutty pastors, but what about ourselves? What has politics done to this country? Now that mama gone the chil’lin running wild like dey ein gat no sense. Boy I which my grammy was here now. We need a good cut ass – where that tamarind switch?

      Focus on the political issues and the problems that plague this nation. Don’t bring all the side show antics into this. We got some real big issues that need to be fixed and no time to be dealing with foolishness – like mammie would say.
      We are all Bahamians and it is about time we grow up and start acting like it.

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