The Save The Bays Suspects are out in full force in the newspapers these days!


For the SUSPECTS >>> Louis Bacon DEFEATED in NEW YORK by Peter Nygard!

Material in the Tuesday 16th editions of the morning daily.
Material in the Tuesday 16th editions of the morning daily.

By Alexander James
for Bahamas Press

Nassau, Bahamas – Another morning reading the newspapers and, boy, plenty persons are on the payroll of Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays. One editorial was supporting musicians’ exercise of free speech, while another was trying to tell the Speaker what we can and cannot and should not do in celebration of the gagging of Parliament. What a mess.

But when you thought you had all the usual suspects down pat, [the letter writers, the editorials and some of the articles] there appears a well written piece done by a qualified legal mind with a lecture to politicians titled, “An open letter to Bahamian Politicians”.

I didn’t expect these comments from this scholar who has come with her “Constructive Unsolicited Advice” which presents an argument clearly taken from Save the Bays and its usual editorial suspects.

I for one wish not to get into a fight with the lady, nor would this writer seek in any way to besmirch her character as we know absolutely nothing about her.

Her language, though, presented some fighting words and reminded us of some similar words echoed a few months ago by the “Jungaliss-looking” now axed former Data Commissioner who presented similar views [hired opinions] as she attacked dedicated men and women who have given their life to the service of the Bahamian people.

Bahamas Press has some advice for Mrs. Arinthia S. Komolafe, who we noticed has ceased submitting comments to our page: “Bahamians are no fools! We could read and we are the best artists for reading between the lines to discern exactly what is being conveyed.”

How can anyone having the ambition to join the august halls of Parliament believe that it is ok to talk down to leaders who have given their lives in service to the country! HOW DARE YOU? And then, in a subtle tone, present the conclusion that this commentary is not meant to spark a riot of words or cause inflamed responses?

You cannot – in your wildest dreams – believe that the Bahamian people are that stupid to accept the points where you boarder “cussin” our leaders while hiding the 30 pieces of silver collected the night before! And then hope we cannot see between the lines? We see you! HOW DARE YOU!

But ya know this is politics. This is a democracy! We agree to respect your opinion.

But this page disagrees with your column in today’s [8/16/2016] morning daily.

We report yinner decide!