The Tale of Two Jerry Rokers…at the BCPOU – BTC/ZNS its Payback time!

Bernard 'JERRY ROKER' Evans - OUTGOING BCPOU President

Where did one million dollars vanished to in the BCPOU – OUTGOING President cannot answer!!!

Nassau, Bahamas BP can reveal that, just when we thought that we would have a respite from the “Political Season” an interesting election is brewing at one of the more established and militant trade unions in the country.

The public is very aware of the fact that the Ingraham Administration, against opposition from the union members as well as the PLP (then in opposition), moved forward and sold the majority of shares in BTC.

Many would accept the view that this major decision ultimately contributed to the defeat of the Ingraham-led administration.

The PLP Christie-led administration has committed to reversing this process, but time will be the judge as to when this matter will be addressed because the elections are now over and the PLP has won the elections.

The BCPOU election is scheduled for July 17, 2012 and members have the right to choose the leader of their union.

There are three candidates for president: Bernard Evans, Arnold Bowleg and Denise Wilson – all known to the membership and all with records on which they stand.

The Bahamian folk song “Can’t find Jerry Roker in Town” is often invoked when elections – national, civic and union – come around.

It is amazing how some elected officials are so busy and cannot be reached by telephone or found during their term in office, but once elections approach, there is a renewed sense of energy and urgency and they can be seen all over town – and all over the media – suddenly available for meetings at any time, evenings and week-ends included.

Members need not be reminded that the incumbent president seeking re-election was at the helm during the downsizing exercise at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas, also during the costly legal battle raised during the privatization process of BTC as well as the mass release of members that followed the privatization process.

Nor need members be reminded that President Evans was at the helm of the Committee that loaned in excess of one million dollars of the members’ money from the Pension Fund to a non-member.

Legal action has been initiated in an attempt to recover these funds.

Members do not have to be reminded that candidate Arnold Bowleg, who boasts all sorts of training, used to be a vice president of the union, but, like the proverbial Jerry Roker, could not be found nor heard from during the most difficult and challenging period in the life of the BCPOU.

Not a murmur, not a word – but now he says that he is ready to serve, now THAT THE STORM IS OVER.

The final candidate is the experienced, long-serving general secretary of the union, known by members and the public at large as a vocal opponent of the privatization exercise as she was always in the forefront and was a consistent voice for members rights.

Members: look at the record of the candidates and as BP always reminds readers…Yinna Decide…….more of the same, or a new direction?