The TICKET HAS WON – Brave Davis gets mandate to lead the PLP!


Philip Brave Davis and wife Ann Davis enters the Convention hall surrounded by hundreds of supporters.


On behalf of the Trustees of the Progressive Liberal Party
Election of Party Officers
Unofficial Results
October 25th 2017

Philip “Brave” Davis

Philip “Brave” Davis-1,004
Glenys Hanna Martin-300
Troy Garvey- 3

Deputy Leader
I. Chester Cooper

Cooper 1226
Smith 69

Frederick A. Mitchell
Unofficial count for Chairman
Fred – 627
Glendon – 261
Obie – 419

Deputy Chairman
Robyn Dawn Lynes

Robyn 792
Erecia- 436

Deputy Chairman-Emeritus
Mr. H. Alex Storr

Treasurer- Declared
Paul Bevans

Leadership Council- Declared
Lynwood L. Brown
Forrester Carroll
Kayla Smith Mortimer
Calverna Small

Vice Chairmen
To be counted and announced Thursday October 26th 2017.

The Trustees wish to thank all stalwarts and voting delegates for their participation and patience in today’s election process.

We experienced various circumstances that led to us exceeding today’s allotted time but we are confident that all respective committees and assigned officers ensured a fair and due process.

It is our hope that as we analyze today’s delays and setbacks, we are able to strategize a more efficient and timely way forward for future elections.

We wish to express our gratitude to every individual that presented themselves for the various positions. The increasing amount of candidates demonstrates the eagerness and interest for many to offer themselves for the leadership of our great party. We commend all and welcome them to continuously offer themselves to the service and advancement of our party.