The Tribune should be asking Hubert Ingrahmam; Why did he fail to fire his Minister of Tourism?


Tribune attempts to rewrite History again!

The man who didn't believe in Bahamians failed cannot interpret the constitution?

Nassau, Bahamas — The sympathizers of failure in this country have launched an unholy and ungodly war against the new Christie Administration Thursday morning when they decided to launch a daily promotion of Hubert Ingraham in the printed press [the gutless wutless media of the Bahamas]

Bahamas Press had no time to buy the Thursday newspaper to see what lay therein, but of course perhaps we would retrieve it on the weekend when we change the pets litter box and get a glimpse of the Tribune’s promotion of Hubert Ingraham.

What is sad though and indeed near criminal about the production of Eileen Carron is the fact that they who seek to rewrite and reprint history forget why on May 7th, just over four months ago, the Bahamian people rejected the failed policies of Hubert Ingraham and his basket case of losers and crybabies.

Fact number one: Mr. Ingraham paid no attention to the vexing crime crisis that spiraled out of control under his final term as prime minister. After his wicked politicization of the RBPF, handcuffing the COP and banishing decent officers from the frontlines, the former crime boss of the Bahamas watched women slaughtered in blood night after night while he sat like the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda. He did nothing.

Which resulted in crime exploding – four years of record murders with hardened repeat offenders making a mockery of the law.  Crime went up in every category and the papers like the Tribune could not find ink to report it. Thank GOD Fa BP!

Fact number two: Ingraham and his basket case in Laing, who Oswald Brown described as a political lapdog could not find the courage to believe in Bahamians. They, like ‘jungaliss-es’ addicted to a substance took the country’s “stolen” credit card on a wild night on the town, racking up the nation’s debt to the tune of 2.5 BILLION dollars to empower the rich.

They together delivered a road project to a foreign company while Bahamian road builders sat alongside the roads unemployed! That’s what their failed legacy delivered!

Additionally, every Bahamian would remember while businesses closed and jobs became scarce, the FNM leader decided they were not going to approve Baha Mar and stalled opportunity for small businesses and contractors hoping for a chance on the project for three years.

Unthinkable!!! – Boy, Bahamians do forget! That’s their record! A failed record!

Eileen Carron

And while all this JACKASSNESS was perpetrated for the last five years against Bahamians, they thought it best to approve permits to allow 8,500 Chinese opportunity on jobs created by the Baha Mar development. Talk about not believing in Bahamians – Ingraham is a classic example of that!

“Mr. Nobody greater” left youth unemployment at 34% and left Grand Bahama flat on its back without hope, or opportunity not even for the workers of once colour Red Town.

Unbelievable! The FNM destroyed this country! That’s Ingraham’s legacy! That’s his record!

And thirdly: There is this debate about courage in Bahamian politics and when one looks at the Ingraham years one must conclude that when it comes to “Courage” Hubert Ingraham is the country’s toothless lion!

Who remembers how he told the country in 2010 that he would move to begin the process to regulate the gambling business in the Bahamas.

It never happened! They could do it. Back down like a coward and pussy cat in red leather skin. In fact from the looks of things the pastors who gamble every week in this town controlled him like an altar boy carrying incense, blowing smoke over the people while lifting not a finger to remove the APARTHEID LAW against Bahamian citizens.

That’s his legacy!

And so after sitting in Parliament for 35 years and for serving in that honourable place  as Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham left the political scene without saying thanks in the most hallowed chamber to the Bahamian people who elected him to serve.

His actions remind us of one Sir Stafford Sands who also left the country like a hologram and died after being rejected by the people. History would reflect Papa Clown is Stafford clone and identical political twin.

For after committing a backside rape of the people of this country “without protection”, they picked up and left without expressing thanks to the people who elevated them to high office in this land.

How ungrateful and wicked! They were never for us and we were never for dem!

Talk bout Ingraham years?

Boy, if ya don’t laugh you will cry. The Tribune has no damn shame defending failure!

We report yinner decide!