Leadership crisis deepens within the FNM – Minnis flies back to Nassau to block FNM deadly internal war


Butler-Turner upstages Minnis and takes over PR with Dion and Laing

Dog fight in FNM cannot help party in North Abaco - A third Dark Horse set to topple Loretta and Minnis as leaders cannot see eye-to-eye.

Nassau, Bahamas
— An nearly ‘cussin’ match and blows closely erupted in the FNM headquarters last night as an angry leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis, saw more evidence to unearth him as the leader of the Party.

The news will not make the daily wutless media who is busy blowing smoke about Ingraham’s legacy.

Bahamas Press can confirm Minnis traveled out of North Abaco yesterday where he is battling alone to save the seat from turning PLP, but while he was in North Abaco, opposition forces to his leadership here in Nassau have begun making headlines without approval of the Party or him.

Dion Foulkes who upset Charles Maynard the day of his death and whose brother drove Charlie the night he died is now seeking to topple Dr. Minnis.

Chief among the culprits seeking to unseat Dr. Minnis is his deputy, who brought sexy back to the FNM, Loretta Butler-Turner who has galvanized a huge base of FNM support against Dr. Minnis.

In fact, BBB Analytics proved that nationally Butler-Turner is more popular as leader and is said to be able to topple Minnis when a Convention of the party is held following the projected  deadly defeat in North Abaco.

Butler-Turner, without approval of the Party and without agreement of the leader, issued a statement in the press attacking the former owner of Cable Beach properties, Phil Ruffin.

Ruffin,  who joined Prime Minister Christie during a tour of Albany this week, where over 650 new jobs for Bahamians are set to come on-stream, was viciously attacked in the media by Butler-Turner for his support for Prime Minister Christie and his team of the new-generation team.

Turner, who was part of the fired, fumbling and failed FNM Government brought not one investor to The Bahamas in the last five years as they racked up the national debt by 2.5 billion dollars on the backs of taxpayers.

Butler-Turner in the botched statement said, “No right-thinking Bahamian would approve of Mr. Ruffin returning to The Bahamas as an investor in the hotel and casino sector and certainly not as an owner of the 5 star Kerzner International properties on Paradise Island – the largest private sector employer in the country.  We hope that his comments as reported were just his empty pondering.”

But after losing Kerzer to his lenders [Pension Fund Managers] BrookField and after allowing 8,500 Chinese to take Bahamian jobs at Baha Mar, Butler-Turner and members of her FNM should be the last to be seen chasing away a potential investor, particularly after leaving unemployment at 34% among young people, and the national unemployment figures above 16%; double from the numbers they met in 2007.

Last DAYS IN OFFICE >>> Laing and Papa wrecked the Bahamian economy. FAILURE!!!! And will now wreck the FNM!

The failed Ingraham government which could not catch a ‘dead fish investor’ as Bahamians battled crime fanned by unemployment should be glad to see that investors are confident with a new Bahamian Government and are lined up outside the doors of Mr. Christie.

Madam Bringing Sexy Back should pull a red carpet in front of Mr. Ruffin and prostrate before him asking on behalf of the nation; in particular, unemployed FNMs, asking: what is it she can do to assist in making him comfortable at home while he helps to create some much-needed jobs!?

Ya see why they outta power? They just don’t know how to treat people – Bahamians or investors!

Reports tell us Dr. Minnis is fuming over the statement issued by the FNM and flew back into Nassau to clear air on the matter.

And while Minnis suspends his campaign to deal with his embattled leadership woes, we understand Christie has dispatched his second wartime general to North Abaco this week in the person of D. Shane Gibson.

The MP for Golden Gates – with more than 200 wartime election team captains we are told, along with Ryan ‘Da Lion’ Pinder and others are part of a coordinated plan by Mr. Christie to topple Ingraham’s legacy once and for all. Christie plans to snatch key voters and generals who are now defecting to the PLP.

Christie’s main election viceroy and wartime general, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, we are told are making huge inroads in the North Abaco Constituency and is set to open five additional offices in the constituency – with one right in front of the front door of Papa Clown’s residence in Cooper’s Town.

Sources deep on the ground tell us when Mr. Christie steps foot on the soil of North Abaco, it would be like footsteps of a Sovereign Ruler claiming territory from a defeated enemy and when he raises the hand of Renardo Curry and declares a NEW DAY HAS COME TO NORTH ABACO!, it would be like an oil-driller who has struck GOLD.

As BP projected, 2012 will be the worst year in the history of the FNM. They lost the Government. Ingraham has left them high and dry and after North Abaco’s cut-yinna-know-what a “political bloodbath” will flow within the FNM like never seen before.

Boy I tell ya, when it rains it pours.

We report yinna decide!