They are not governing, but passing a slow death to Bahamians!


christie-ingraham-1Christie and Ingraham ‘gats’ to go! WE WANT CHANGE!

Nassau, Bahamas — Readers of this blog would accept that we at BP are not wasting our words when we say Christie and Ingraham cannot cut it anymore. The erosion now seen all across this country calls from fresh new thinking at the top. New ideas mixed with new personalities around the Cabinet table is needed to better command the direction of this country.

The Bahamas is not drifting anymore, it is lost. Lost in a sea of despair and hopelessness and therefore, today we at BP have decided to shine a spotlight in one area of badly needed CHANGE, Agriculture.

In 1976 we in the Bahamas saw thousands working at farms all across this country. Back then, the government subsidized farms on the family island. This caused farming to grow and the government was their chief supporter. We all ate healthier then and lived longer.

Thyme for example, was grown right here in the country. We never allowed it to be imported. We used it to cook with our peas ‘n’ rice. Today, however, it is imported and the local farmers who produced it are no longer in business. Why did the government allow this?

We also know of the many problems at the packing houses. Yes, the people who say they are governing decided to close many down, cap the subsidy given to farmers and watch the farmers all across the Bahamas die. Talking about the cows dying in Andros, you should see the farmers.

And after capping the subsidy in early 1990s, many farmers sat on those islands waiting for months to receive their cheques, for products sent to Nassau, from the government. Some cheques never came.

Eggs were also another product supplied in the market 100% by Bahamian producers. But the people who say they governing and looking out for Bahamian farmers allowed the foreign market to import eggs and compete with the locals, and guess what happened? You guessed it; they watched their own collapse and die. How can a government of Christie and Ingraham say they are for the people of this country, when they both oversaw the massacre of Bahamian farmers, whilst they both supported farmers everywhere else in the world? WE NEED CHANGE PEOPLE and this is just one area where our message of CHANGE will come.

The people who we’ve entrusted to run our affairs are NOT GOVERNING, but have slowly allowed this country to suffer a painful death. “DEATH TO THE FARMERS!” they cry. The Bahamian Agricultural industry is lying paralyze, unable to feed the people, thanks to the policies of Ingraham and Christie. WHAT A SHAME!

By 2007 Christie and Ingraham allowed over $407 Million (Half a BILLION) worth of food imports to flood this country, whilst Bahamian farmers lay ‘jookup’ in the back, with its governments of “TRUST” wiping the blade.

Those who seek to lead for another term have destroyed the livelihood of farmers all across this country. As we have preached before, CHANGE MUST COME! The time is now for a NEW DIRECTION to build a new Bahamas. This is our time to resuscitate the farmers of this country, and get our people back to work.

We need no more of the same “Cookie Jar” commercials, or the lost words of “Help and HOPE”; today Bahamians all across this country are calling for CHANGE.

Change is coming Bahamas! Change is what we need!


  1. It takes LEADERSHIP to inspire people to sacrifice for the good of the nation.The problem we have in this country is that neither mr.Christie nor mr.Ingraham are leadership material,they CANNOT inspire any one to commit to any thing.All these gentlemen can do is describe a problem and complain about how difficult it is to overcome that problem.We need leaders who have FAITH AND CONFIDENCE in Bahamians,leaders who believe that with our natural TALENTS AND INTELLECT that with GOD’S help we can be VICTORIOUS.Leaders who will do their best to get Bahamians to develop a greater stake in our economy by privatising state assets to Bahamians.Leaders who can develop HOPE AND DREAMS in Bahamians,making us believe that if we EDUCATE ourselves and work hard that we can GREATLY IMPROVE our and our children’s financial status in this country.We need leaders who are FAIR AND JUST.When the public see WELL CONNECTED PERSONS WHO ARE WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS prosecuted and punished this instils discipline in our people and confidence in our leaders.An inspired people can move MOUNTAINS just witness president J.F.KENNEDY who told the Americans by the end of the 1960s man will walk on the moon.HE WAS NOT ALIVE WHEN IT HAPPENED BUT THE AMERICANS WERE SO INSPIRED THAT THEY ACHIEVED WHAT WAS AT THAT TIME AN IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.

  2. At this point,this country will have to go to both income tax and goods and services tax to service the debt and deficit. We have to begin to get it through our heads that we cannot have all the services we are demanding without willingness to pay for them. We also have to insist that workers in the civil service must DO 8 hours of work every day. No arriving late, leaving early, doing private business on taxpayers time. No more using Dep’t vehicles after hoursor gasing up our private vehicles. If you are on a government pension and return to a government job, your pension gets suspended. Unions have to be more realistic and stop protecting slackers and protesting lay-offs. They also need to take on the re-training of workers themselves. We are in the 21st century. Old tactics aren’t warranted. No more jobs given out to party members for votes! Shame, Blame and prosecute all persons who are delinquent in paying NIB, Taxes of any sort, and once drug dealers are found guilty. move immediately to take all their possessions and make them public property. Make family members, lawyers and friends prove that they have had the wherewithall to own all they have. Even in these slow economic times we can have the services we need if we will be responsible by doing our part. We grouse and complain but we still are willing to do our little dirty deals. We can’t have it both ways and I am tired of having to pay my way and for any of you slackers out there. Every time you neglect to pay your fair share I have to pay more. If we were all acting responsibly,and doing our part, this little country would have all kinds of money in the treasury and we would have all the top=notch services we could want and without debt.

  3. Kevin do you know who they are going to service that debt? The FNM is planning on selling BTC between now and next June. BEC will be the next government corporation to go because the debt is at the point to where servicing the debt in itself will become a challenge.

  4. It will cost the Bahamian taxpayers $264 million to service the national debt during 2009-2010 financial year!!!THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST SIGNIFICANT AND EXPENSIVE ITEM besides personal emoluments.The prime minister has committed this country to more borrowing thus increasing our debt servicing costs and leaving less money to invest in our children’s and country’s future.

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