Look at the garbage left in the road!


dscf9802Nassau, Bahamas – People in this country must begin asking themselves, WHERE ARE WE HEADED AS A NATION? Today whilst traveling on Thompson Boulevard and John F. Kennedy Drive, just in front of Friendly Ford Motor Company, we saw this heap of trash. A wheel barrel filled with garbage left parked in the middle of the road. Its appeared as if someone was towing the heap, and left it right in the middle of the road. In the center of the left lane.

What in this hell is gong on in this country? WHAT UTTER NASTINESS! Come on people, we can do better than this! And we’re paving the road for Miss Universe? A dignitary was passing with outriders the same time we were passing in the area. The guest was being escorted with the Commissioner of Police to the airport. The white car had to swerve its way around the pile of trash. We could only image what his comments, “DESE SOME NASTY PEOPLE ECH?”

Garbage all around, even in the road these days. BOY. WE NEED CHANGE!



  1. Well if the COP was passing he must have been with the PM or GG.Too much has gone wrong since 07 and the COP is center stage.I read in the Nassau,Guardian that Police Officers are overworked but I ask doing what?I see no patrols and the only raids are on numbers houses.It is time to change the COP but the resistance from HAI is ridiculous.The Police Force lacks leadership so in the name of the almighty, COP Ferguson has got to go and go now.Has anyone noticed that ever since he became COP by a coup he has yet to do any walkabouts?What happen to Neighborhood policing?where are the Inspectors that Tommy and the COP promise the Bahamian people?Two lost men leading our National Securituy effort.I see where the Police Staff Association has again found its voice.Especially after it was they who convinced the Govt to fire other seasoned men and women and give us Ferguson.Now they are screaming as their members might throw them all out come elections this October.THe COP am informed has not worked in a station since the 60s so he does not have the experience to strategise for this difficult period we are experiencing.

  2. That isn’t garbage in the road. Some fool had a problem and did not have the sense to move the container onto the verge. It is a traffic hazzard and the owner needs to pay a hefty fine. He did put a cone out but the placement is ridiculous if it is meant to be a warning.. Why couldn’t some of the passerbys safely park their vehicles and move the obstruction? OH WE ARE AN UGLY PEOPLE!!!!

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