They Red and They Scared- All FNM Incumbents in the South and Southwest in Deep DODOO!


Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press can report tonight that the FNM party has brought in it’s Chief Political Strategist from Trinidad, Roy Boyke. Burke is a trusted gunslinger hired by Ingraham over these many years. He is the Architect of “It is a matter of Trust”, “Better now and Better to Come”.

A high Ranking party Officer and a person with knowledge of the dealings of Hubert Ingraham told BP, “Ingraham has had Roy Boyke in town for the past two months. Burke is being housed in Sandy Port, his children are Private Schooled here in Nassau and he is being paid BIG Money.”

We can report that a high-level meeting and planning session was held on May 4, 2010 at the childhood home of Brent Symonette, Lucianos Restaurant. Frank Watson chaired the meeting and some of the persons in attendance were, Sidney Collie, Charles Maynard, Kendal Wright and Phenton Neymour. Frank Watson was the bearer of Bad News. A poll taken by Roy Boyke shows the PLP sweeping the South, Southeast and Southwest constituencies. The insider told us, “It appears to be a bloodbath in those areas. Hubert told Frank to deliver the bad news and to tell those incumbents, to piss or get off the poke.”

Well, Hubert did not have to bring in Roy Boyke to tell him that, we have been telling him that all along. Hubert Ingraham is said to ” Trust” Roy Boyke’s judgment just as much as he trusted the advice of his spiritual adviser who recently met her demise in the earthquake in Haiti. Burke has now brought his bag of tricks again to Nassau.

Sources are telling us that the FNM party is financing Mr. Boyke’s excursion to the country and we hope he has a work permit. Another high ranking source told us, “It is amazing that Johnstone, Sir Durward and the other ‘White Knights’ can find the money to bring in Burke, but the Ranfurly Home for Children is about to be closed. Why cannot they donate the money to keep it open?”

Well, all it means is that the ‘White Knights’ do not want to lose their grip on power, they want all of the Bahamas for their tenth generation and Hubert has been very good to them and they have been very good to him.

Another source told us, “If your last name is Mosko, Johnstone, Knowles, Meyers, Andrews or Symonette, you are ok in Hubert’s book, and he only takes care of a handful of shines.”

It is being reported that Roy Boyke is writing the Scribe in the Punch and planting stories supportive of Ingraham in the local papers, in fact two were planted in the Punch this morning. We know how Boyke operates, he thrives on Corruption, well he has not factored in the power of Bahamas Press, we have over seven million [7.2 million] loyal monthly readers and every candidate that we have endorsed has won.

Burke has also advised the FNM to attack Philip ‘Brave’ Davis as it is believed that Brave is well organized and was the deciding factor in Lizzy.

We here at BP will predict that not only those candidates who were at the May 4, 2010 meeting will fall, but also Carl “Undernourished” Bethel, Byron “Soft Boy” Woodside, Earl “Demon’ Deveaux, Vargo “Mona Vie” Laing, Vernae “da village idiot” Grant and Brensil “too stupid” Rolle will all be victims of the political bloodbath.

All the horsemen and all the Roy Boyke’s in the world cannot save them. We are also being told that a plan is afoot to eliminate the Bamboo Town constituency in an attempt to save some of these lousy FNM candidates. We say to Bran, declare your independence or join the PLP, as the bloodletting is about to begin.

As for Mugabe’s twin brother, Hubert Ingraham, you remind us of Pindling, you do not know when to go, you have no shame, you have been most neglectful, you have only taken care of Bay Street, you are a tired, old and decrepit man. You have no new ideas, you are like Bill ‘BACARDI 8 ANOS’ Allen, practically “Brain dead” from too much Becks Beer and Salem cigarettes. Burke cannot save you from the wrath of the people whom you have failed! We have trusted in you and you have squandered that TRUST. Go in peace and sin no more.

We Need Change Bahamas!


  1. @ Kim
    I am not knocking the jonsers, just stating that even persons under the influence of various substances could see these facts clearly.

  2. See Padeo, the only reason Ingraham listening to the Bahamas Christian Counsel, because he believe they have control over their members and they could make things very difficult for the FNM in the next General Election. I don’t gamble and it don’t make me no difference if they legalize it or not. I just think the members of Bahamas Christian Counsel is a bunch of hypocrites. They saying, they don’t want people gambling all their monies and don’t have nothing to carry home for their families. Right now, people still gambling, so I don’t see why they are acting like it isn’t happening now. What difference it makes? If people are determine to gamble, they will do it anyway. When I look at the many issues that are affecting the country and you can‘t hear from the Christian Counsel, I know for a fact that they are not serious. They are not saying anything about the high crime rate, they are not saying nothing about the illegal immigration problem, look at how the little children getting molested in our schools, you hear them saying anything about it?. All kind of social ills going on in our society and the only thing they are concerned about is gambling, because they believe if it is legalized it will affect them. They feel like their members will have less to put into the collection plates. You know most of them are already custom to living a certain life style and they don’t want to run the risk of putting that in jeopardy. Look at all of those pastors who are apart of the Christian Counsel , look at their of homes and the type of cars they drive. Most of their children went to private schools. Those pastors don’t need to gamble, because their members giving them everything they want anyway. I blame the members for having them spoil like that.

  3. Truth is, HAI is ready to go, but instead of just going, he in his true style plans to jack up the FNM before he goes. That is how he behaves. Remember how he told the FNM in 2002 that he met them in shambles & will leave them in shambles? This is his MO – bust up everything before he leaves so it would look likeonly him can run things!! But we can’t blame HAI for this – we must blame that ballsless group of males (not men) who surround him & have no courage. They will sit and watch while HAI annihilates the FNM & kill their chances of leading this country. HAI clearly does not give a damn about us – he ignores the cries of the small man & while he doesn’t really like the Bay St. boys he responds to them because he needs their money –USER!

  4. ah my look wey black moses took us…how are the unemployed to pay for the garbage tax 15-20????????why dd they not stage the increases?????why py 120 mllion to fix roads now?mussy only so the funera corage cud pass freely because in the real road people cant meet their basic needs eluthers aint gat water electricity never on yet Hubbitt aka nero twiddle he damn thumb while the bahamas burns…..and the cheek of him to spend tax dollar to benefit who again bout new port????????

  5. BP if you remember, i wrote a post a while back about the seats in the HOA and how hard a task the FNM would have in retaining those seats in 2012 general election. This article is along those same lines.

    Of the 10 vulnerable FNM MP’s you listed in the above article you left one out, KENYATTA GIBSON.

    That makes it 11 vulnerable FNMs and they have to retain 8 out of the 11 vulnerable seats to keep their majority. If they loose more than 2 seats, the government will change and we all know that they will loose more than 2 seats.

    Its just simply to much ground to defend for any political party when they have that many seats in jeopardy, and the fact that the FNM establishment is already warning its weakest MP’s of their demise is very telling. They are not going to put precious salt on rotting fish!


    Its not a matter of IF the FNM looses, the issue facing Hubert Ingraham is managing the loss. If the FNM gets blown out, and by that i mean, loose 8+ seats, PAPA will either step down or be challenged for the leadership post. My bet is that he will step down as leader.

    If the FNM only looses 4-7 seats, its a loss they can swallow. Papa will blame the loss on the economy, and seeing that there wont be that many seats needed to regain the government in 2017, Papa will land on his two feet, but weakened nonetheless. He will still step down, but he will be in a better position party wise to where he wont be pushed out and most importantly, he will influence who his successor will be.

    BP, more and more i am coming to the conclusion that Papa was told to put those rumors of him not running again to rest because I honestly believe that Hubert was told that he has to lead the party through the next election. The establishment is not allowing him to duck and run like he did in 2000. Papa got us in this mess, Papa better lead us through it. (Isnt it amazing how all of the rumors of Papa stepping down went away)

    Right now Papa and his puppet, Frank Watson, are looking at the PLP lists of seats and are trying to figure out which ones they can pick off to counter the seats they will loose. But its slim pickings. The most vulnerable PLP MP’s are Fred Mitchell and to a degree Ryan Pinder. Thats it. Just 2 seats.

    If the FNM loose the 4 seats mentioned in the article, then they have to win these 2 PLP seats and hold on to the other 19 seats they currently have to keep their majority and aint no way that is happening considering they have 11 vulnerable seats to defend.

    Trust me BP, the FNM and Papa knows they are about to get run over. They just dont know how bad!

  6. No question about it, Hubert Ingraham has been irresponsible in his fiscal responsibility. He came to office and continued where he left off when he was run out of office in 2002. We have short memories but we ought to be able to remember that Ingraham drove the country’s economy under the bus which climaxed with his ouster from office in 2002. The PLP rescued the situation and had the country in a full employment position when we unwisely voted the PLP out of office in 2007. Today, only three years after taking over with a thriving economy and unemployment at its lowest in years, the FNM has the country on its knees with no light at the end of the tunnel. They must be voted out of office and sooner than later.

  7. But he listens to the Bahamas Christian Council, who seem to be suffering from the BLACK CRAB SYNDROME. They want the web shops closed but not the Casinos. What a bunch of hypocrites. How long will Bahamians endure this indignity. My brothers and sisters when these chickens come home to roost, they won’t be going down Burma Road this time around.

  8. @ Kim
    I am not knocking the jonsers, just stating that even persons under the influence of various substances could see these facts clearly.

  9. WOW! Our Pirme Minister isn’t going to listen to us, because he seems to be off the mindset that anything foreign is better. Please don’t knock the Jonsers on the street, because plenty of them are intelligent people. Some of them just got mixed up with drugs and alcohols or certain circumstance cause them to be the way they are. In fact I have an old teacher that taught me in High School, who is living and jonsing on the street right now. The way Ingraham handling this country, plenty people will probably find themselves out on the street and jonsing by the time he leaves office.

  10. Yes fat boy Papa and campany the lot of you the truth hurts like a mother fucker.I can’t believe i was going to vote for this bull shit just because you pave my road. Easily influence, we just like dogs give him a bone he’s your friend.

  11. AND SOME ONE PLEASE TAX THE NUMBER HOUSE,The only reason you don’t is because you don’t want us niggers in the hotels you know it i know it and every one knows it .You taking food out my mouth and the rich man sitting by laughing at me .Look PAPA if your going to tax us like this we need more money. Im moving to US thats how i feel right now.The … See MoreUS don’t even have this much tax and if they do they pay you more money.Any one knows if we can move to Canada this shit isn’t working.
    No damn space in the government schools and how the private schools have to raise school fees, how the fuck my child suppose to get a good education, you think im going to sit by and watch her become me NEVER.
    I know one thing, i bet all your childern got a damn good education and we the people paid for it and this how you do us PAPA.What have we done to to PAPA ? PAPA you acting like fidel castro and even him better than you, man shit i moving to CUBA or Canada at least my child wil get a good education and good health care .

  12. I don’t want no Red or Yellow shirt at my damn door telling me what your going to do your full of shit.No one is getting the 2 votes in my house if they didn’t work for it .All these people with out a job and you raise tax your all ass holes,Nassau gone to the dogs.
    its not that we don’t want change, we need change but the people hungry Papa and … See Moreyou look like you always full, your ass sit up nice and we don’t have food to eat, cut your pay papa because your not working for it,you take some time off PAPA how about you never come back, or give your pay the poor papa come on nah.

  13. All they doing is fucking around with my child future. If i can’t pay my child school fee you can’t eat man, and you damn well know you have to, all they doing is getting fat of my hard earn money no shit no.A bunch of fat old men with dementia behaviors running The bahamas, give some else the power you are all greedy all of you,all for me and nothing for you.

  14. Who could tell me, why they raise that road on Blue Hill? I honestly don’t see where that was necessary. Everything just feel so spiteful what they doing. All the roads dig up, traffic back up everywhere and plus they carrying up the price for gas. I want know why they doing us like this?

  15. Man get them out of here man..listen man call me if ya want them out of here im conducting a survey – 556-7528 ask for Doc

  16. 10/10 the Bible 10.I hope this advisor tells PAPA the same thing he advised Manning in T&T to do ,call Gen Elects ahead of time.My fingers are itching to make my mark.Black businessmen and women have been rebuffed by this wutless Govt who now are backing down from Bay St again.PAPA in charge and he is responsible for making all of the mentioned candidates lame ducks.This hurting budget is the last straw and any Govt member who gets up and talk foolishness supporting it will take a licking at the polls.Persons in Nassau are unable to pay bills now so imagine what happens when they have more taxes heasped on them.I dont know who is advising the Govt on the raising the road on Blue Hill Rd another twenty four inches but when the rain starts this month portions of Yellow Elder Gardens and the Grove will be underwater.Hard head bird dont make good soup and PAPA in his vindictive style is showing that only resistance at the polls will thwart him again.

  17. BP, I cry shame on Papa and that wutless bunch of misfits in that FNM Govt. They can bring a man, pay him big bucks, then cut spending to the poor. Papa is power hungry and losing it. The trip to the Airport yesterday was a photo op, as they have nothing else going on. We will not be fooled this time. Papa has certainly lost my trust. I am waiting for the FNM Candidate to come to my house, I have the piss steeping.

  18. This is exactly what is wrong with the FNM and the government. They hire and pay a foreigner big money to tell them what any jonser could have told them for free!

  19. Ingra ham don’t have to worry about running in the next election, because with him at the head the FNM is not going back into power. He do too much foolishness this time around. People are hurting and he aint doing nothing to ease the pain. These some dark days and all he doing is making things worst for people. They digging up all these roads all about and can‘t fix none, causing businesses to lay off people and close down their doors. All they doing is breaking up people’s cars, like they don’t want see you with nothing. Aint nobody saying they can’t fix the roads and make them more modern, but instead of having everything dig up all at once and aint getting nowhere with nothing, finish one road first, then move on to another one. Long wharf dig up, East Street South dig up, Robinson Road dig up, the country dig right up. All he doing is digging up everything and taxing people. We can’t catch our breath for him. Right now, everything he is doing feels so cruel, I don’t know when all this cruelty will end.

  20. HI has done it again… I don’t know how HI could even mention the word TRUST out of his mouth!!

    The businessmen in the Baillou HILL and Market STreet area have been asking the govt to consider returning those roadways to 2 way traffic for weeks now and all they get from the govt. is “We can’t change it”…. Also remember the Mona Vie issue??? They also said that there was nothing that they could do to change those rates in the middle of the year when they had already changed it once before in the middle of the year…

    But I was so surprised while watching the news today, when I heard HI say that the only thing that they were considering about what was said in the budget was whether his govt. would allow vehicles with larger engines (4 cylinders) to be charged at the lower rate of duty (65%) ….. I was not only surprised but I was shocked!!!! After complaining for less than a week, HI is giving consideration to the cries of the Mega business Owners!! The Coconut Business League has been crying for weeks…. What does this mean????

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