Three Girls run away claiming to have been molested at Government care facility


NEWS BREAKING NOW!!! <<<Young girls fled the Elizabeth Estates froster care facility claiming they were being molested by caregivers. Three girls BP can confirm claimed they were being sexually molested at the centre. Police are investigating and a statement from the department of social services is pending.

Bahamas Press is confirming the man shot dead is another member of the Haitian ZOE POUND crime network reeking havoc in the country.

The man’s body was riddled with bullets last night in a drug war, which has been going on in the Peter’s Street area for a year. Last night’s victim is Wilson Louisma.

Some 5 men have been killed thru the Brougham and Peter Streets area in the past 6 months including nefarious criminal Pearl Eye.

On last Sunday Breaking News come into BP’s newsroom on Grand Bahama confirmed two Bahamian males of Haitian decent and members of the organize gang (believed to be in their 30s) were ambushed in a van sometime after six that morning, in the Pinta Avenue, South Bahamia area of Freeport. This shooting, sources on the ground tell us is believed to be connected with a recent killing on the island.

Both males are believe to be part of an organized Haitian, Bahamian & US drug gang called ZOE POUND registered in Freeport; who are fighting for supremacy and turf. The two men, who are yet to be identified by authorities, are also believed to be deportees from the US.

To this day police have yet to alert the public of these incidents.


  1. Press Release

    The lead story on the ZNS morning news of Monday, 31 May, 2010,reported that five residents of the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home ran away on Saturday, 29 May, 2010, allegedly because of inappropriate sexual activity at the home. An interview was given by a young female who identified herself as a resident of the home and an adult reported to be her sister. The story also implied that the reporter was almost physically harmed by the vehicle of the Director of Social Services.

    The Director of Social Services received a report on Saturday, 29 May, 2010 that five residents of the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home had run away and were alleging that inappropriate sexual activity was taking place in the home. One of these residents was reported to be in the care of her mother. The Director immediately made arrangements to meet with these persons.

    The Director went to the agreed location to collect the resident and her mother and shortly thereafter they arrived in a ZNS vehicle with a reporter. The ZNS reporter requested an interview with the Director of Social Services but the request was declined. In such matters, no public interviews can be given until all of the facts are known. The Director invited the mother and her daughter into her vehicle while the reporter continued to press for an interview even hitting on the Director’s vehicle as she was attempting to leave.

    The Director interviewed the mother and daughter and subsequently took them to a police station to make a formal complaint. The mother claimed to have documents to substantiate the allegations however, she refused to turn these over to the police. The daughter was allowed to remain in the care of her mother over the weekend pending further investigations.

    On Saturday evening, the Director and a team of social workers interviewed residents and staff at the Elizabeth Children’s Home including the residents who allegedly ran away earlier in the day. The social workers learned that the only resident who ran away was the girl who was in the care of her mother. No resident or staff reported any incidents of inappropriate sexual conduct at the home.

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