Thieves working at Ashley Furniture Homestore on Prince Charles Drive takes home furniture? – WATCH OUT FOR THESE THIEFIN WORKERS!!!

Ashley Furniture – Prince Charles Drive.

NASSAU| So you get hired by a company to sell furniture in the Bahamas, then turn around and steal the people stock; while looking for a payday? WHAT KINDA PEOPLE ARE THESE IN THE BAHAMAS?!

THREE men were granted $2,000 bail on Friday after they were accused of stealing over $13,000 worth of property from Ashley’s Furniture on Prince Charles this year.

Magistrate Kendra Kelly charged Christopher Nixon, 39, Renwell Flowers, 22, and Deangelo Ferguson, 39, with stealing by reason of service and receiving.

The trio allegedly stole $13,115.83 worth of furniture and appliances from Ashley’s Home Furniture on Prince Charles Drive between February 1 and May. The men reportedly had access to the property by reason of their employment.

During that same timeframe the defendants were allegedly found with $5,901.95 worth of the same stolen property.

The trio all pleaded not guilty to the charges. Prosecutor Sergeant Vernon Pyfrom raised no objections to their bail.

The defendants must sign in at their local police station every 14 and 28 day of the month by 7pm under the terms of their release.

The trial in this matter begins on October 16.