Politizing A National Disaster, Who Does That? Dr. Hubert Minnis, FNM Leader


Dr. Hon. Hubert A. Minnis - Leader of the FNM
Dr. Hon. Hubert A. Minnis – Leader of the FNM

By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

In referring to Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Hubert Minnis’ criticism of his government’s response to the disaster wrought by Category 4 hurricane Matthew, as idiotic, Prime Minister Christie was being very kind to the Opposition Leader.

National disasters, like attacks on your country from foreign operatives, are times when all citizens rally to help those affected by the disaster and protect the sovereignty of our Bahamas, without regard to politics.

Dr. Minnis, as I understand it, accompanied the Prime Minister on one of his trips to those islands impacted by Matthew. It is my thinking that if he had views as to how relief efforts could have been conducted more efficiently, wouldn’t it have been more statesmanlike for him to share those with the Prime Minister? But no, it seemed like his mission was to gather particulars to be used to politically attack the government.

If there is someone not to be trusted it is Leader of the Opposition Dr. Minnis!

To use his trip with the Prime Minister to gather information to be used as political fodder, to attack the efforts of the government when our people are in dire straits and in need of relief, is as despicable an act any politician can commit, bar none. I don’t think the Bahamian people will soon forget this.

And too boot, Dr. Minnis in donating $9,000.00 to two of the major Junkanoo groups, in a very public way,invited Prime Minister Christie to ‘man up’ (my words) and do the same. Well blow me down! I have information, mostly from the recipients and their family, of the kind generosity of Prime Minister Christie offered up each month, outside the glare of media cameramen/photographers. Too publicly boast of one’s giving speaks volumes of the giver.

My mind can’t help but to rewind to a time a couple or so years ago when Cuban-Americans protested outside of our Embassy in Miami, admonishing Americans not to visit our Bahamas, because it had been alleged that our security forces had violated the human rights of a few Cuban illegal immigrants who had attempted to escape from the detention centre. Dr. Minnis’ party’s response to this affair bordered on supporting the foreigners. Certainly, they did not unequivocally support the sovereign government of The Bahamas.

I do not know what university/school the ‘jokey leaders’ that KB sung about attended, but Dr. Minniss must have been a graduate, and probably the valedictorian of his graduating class!

On a positive note, i wish to personally applaud the Prime Minister for his leadership during this horrific time in our country. I believe his compassion, statesmanship and leadership will steer us to full restoration in due time.