FNM Gov't delivers thousands unemployed…numbers record-breaking!



From left are Deputy Director, Leona Wilson; Assistant Director, Carmen Dawkins; and Director, Kelsie Dorsett.

Nassau, Bahamas — Of the unemployed persons in New Providence more than a quarter had left their jobs within the last twelve months. Of these persons, 51% were either laid off, dismissed, or the business in which they were employed ceased operations.

In Grand Bahama approximately twenty two percent of the unemployed persons left their jobs within the said period, and of these persons, slightly more than a third (36%) were laid off, dismissed, or the business where they had worked ceased operations.

The survey estimated the number of private households in The Bahamas to be 109,260, an increase of 1.2 percent over the one year period. New Providence households experienced a decline of 13.6% in their household income which now stands at $40,528. The decline for households in Grand Bahamas was slightly lower (8.7%) decreasing from $41,172 in 2008 to $37,562 in 2009.

Further details pertaining to the 2009 survey will be available at the end of September when the final report is completed and released. CLICK TO READ dept_of_statistics_labour_force_survey_09


  1. ECON 101 – It’s call a business cycle (meaning there will be ups and downs!! It didn’t matter which political party was in power, the numbers would still be the same. It is time that we wake up and stop blaming people for things they cannot control. For a small island nation we will be subject to such global effects. This is global!! Also I just wanted to say that all political parties have the same vision. They think of what the short run would be like but not the log run. One example was the PLP government who wanted to create a population shift by putting anchor projects on every island. But dude you was trying to put touristic projects that are so much more vulnerable to the ups and downs of the global economy. Where is the vision? Then Hubert just got the bad end of the stick. He came into power when a recession almost became a depression. But hey I just want to say that it is time for real Bahamain leaders with log term visions for this country. Stop lettig lawyers run this country!!! They don’t know nothing but be being snakes!!!

  2. It is time Bahamians REGAIN OUR BELIEF IN GOD AND OURSELVES.Bahamians once knew that WITH GOD WE CAN OVERCOME ALL PROBLEMS.Now here are some suggestions to CONQUER this recession and increasing unemployment.1-POOL OUR RESOURCES.If ordinary Bahamians pool our financial resources for investment purposes,we will be able to create jobs for us and our children.2-GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.Most Bahamians who became successful forgot to make donations to their old schools and refuse to mentor other children.3-STOP THIS BLACK CRAB MENTALITY.Let’s help others up the ladder of success.Remove the unnecessay obstacles you had encountered,so that those who follow you can have an easier time and could find SOLUTIONS FOR REAL PROBLEMS.4-EDUCATION IS KEY.Whether we are poor or rich all of us must try to equip our schools with the latest technology and equipment.Remember our children are now COMPETEING WITH THE WORLD.5-REMOVE SELFISH LEADERS.All leaders whether they are religious,union,business or political who DONOT HAVE OUR INTEREST AT HEART MUST BE REMOVE FROM THEIR LEADERSHIP POST.We can limit the amount of selfish persons seeking leadership positions by making these positions PERFORMANCE PAID POSITION ONLY.In other words if PRODUCTIVITY OR PROFITS ARE NOT INCREASE THE EXECUTIVES WILL RECEIVE NO SALARY.

  3. For delivering such dreadful news, I couldnt help but notice how these ladies seemed SO PLEASANT and smiling in pictures appearing in all print publications. It kind of reminds me how Hubert Ingraham was smiling wickedly when he was announcing that his government would assist people with deliquent mortages due to poor economy in whatever way (cant remember). As a matter of fact, was this ever done?