Three die on Sunday including an American Tourist in TURKS and Caicos Governor Dakin confirmed…

TURKS and Caicos Governor Nigel Dakin.

TURKS AND Caicos|  Governor Nigel Dakin has confirmed, in the TCI House of Assembly, that three of the individuals shot on Sunday Afternoon have all died.  Three new homicide investigations opened.

The British Territory Governor also confirmed one of the murdered was an innocent American tourist caught in the fray. Another is believed to have been one of the criminals, who engaged the police in a shootout with high-powered weapons.

The American, a guest of the RitzCarlton resort, was being taken back to his hotel following a jet ski adventure. His family now devastated and the US Embassy is involved in the investigations.

As many feared, the violence had seeped into just about every sphere now: youth sporting event, high school, shops, residential neighborhoods and a popular tourist jaunt in Long Bay.

BP has warned the Liz Truss Government over the escalation weeks ago. And we again call on the British Government intervene into these serious incidents of imported gangs in that part of the world. TCI is seriously unstable at this time.