Top manager at family Guardian sent home and escorted off the property

Cruise trip gone ‘dutty’ with Insurance executive…

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is monitoring the incidents down at Family Guardian this morning where we have learned that a big-time FNM was escorted off the property yesterday.

BP has learnt that the top executive, better known as ‘Da Juicer’, was recently on a cruise with some company agents where some serious episodes of plenty drink and misbehaving went down.

We understand one of the gal pals of the Juicer was not on the trip and, after hearing of all the back shot playboy parties with the agents, she could not take it and thus reported ‘da JUICER’s’ actions to the Board.

Yesterday, after being allowed to only remove his sex bag of toys from his office, Da Juicer was escorted off the property and told to never return.

It is against company rules for managers to mingle with employees.

Family Guardian, we understand, takes these incidents seriously. In fact, it was this same insurance company that, sometime back, axed one of those same BEC executives who is at the centre of a $1.6 million dollar fraud at BEC. At least one company is holding up the flag and is proving to Bahamians that they don’t play!

We report yinner decide!