Top police chiefs caught in fish poisoned scare!


Nassau – Police officers needs to carry their lunch to work and avoid eating out.

BP is reporting how some senior officers have fallen sick after being poisoned with bad fish.

Police Chief Anthony Ferguson, his deputy Emrick Seymour and ACP Leamond Deleveaux were just some of the officers in the poison scare who were all treated in hospital. The incident unfolded last week Friday.

Bahamas Press advises the senior officers to pack their lunches from home and avoid a repeat from the dirty kitchens and rotten fish being prepared.

BP believes even rat piss might be mixed with some of the bad food now coming out of the police canteen. Also, it must be noted that some idle prisoners are hanging around the kitchen where the police chiefs eat. This is not good!

Our sound advice is for yinner to pack yall lunches from home!

We report yinner decide!