Toy Boy Jamaal Chea Has Crossed Over to the SHIMDOM at DNA


The 20-year plus Toy Boy and the 50 plus year old Cougar together...

Nassau, BahamasBP has been closely watching the Toy Boy of the Cougar Talk Show Host that has been in our news recently. The Cougar continues to churn up her Greens in the down town area while the Toy Boy, Jamaal Chea, has turned his Green attention to the DNA full time. Now here’s what BP uncovered. What makes the Cougar so upset, is that she is not being roached by a young girl as we thought, but rather the Drag Queen which is the Deputy to young Chea in the youth arm of the DNAYoung Democrats.

Chea, who was formerly known as a playboy, has had enough of perfume and sweet talks and is now settling for cologne, sweat, rumors and lies. He ran to the DNA first because he wanted a nomination in that party but party leader, Bran McCartney, using his better judgment, decided against running Chea. Chea was instead put in charge of the party’s youth arm and what was later discovered to be a “SHIM” (She/Him combined – cross gender), was made his deputy.

Toy Boy Chea
has no loyalty to anything or anyone as long as it puts him on top. He is known to have a really hard mouth except for when he finds himself flat on his back, when the carpet has been dragged from under him. BP investigated and found out that Chea has tried to get in the FNM but was ran by Papa’s soldiers. He then tried to get a nomination from the PLP in Exuma and BP understands that Perry took his soldiers out on a Cable Beach walk to laugh in the breezy air at the thought of Chea representing them.

Toy Boy Chea accepted his position as leader of the youth arm of the DNA and was pouting until he found out how much influential SHIM contacts Deputy SHIM had. Chea swallowed hard and decided to “get to work” and latched on to Deputy SHIM. Whatever the SHIM contacts did for Chea, he is loving it because he kicked his Green Cougar to the curb and went full time into the SHIMDOM.

BP is curious about something though, why is it that party leader, Bran “Papa’s lil Cooler” McCartney, is so intent on parading Chea around and placing him in such a key position when Chea is a known REJECT of the Chinese community? We should not forget that Chinese are very important to this country these days.

Hugs and kisses in the street as the Drag Queen GO GREEN! What the hell is this!
Sit down, get a cocktail and let BP school you on Chea. Chea is the offspring of the negro sweetheart of a Chinese Merchant. The merchant, long before his untimely death, tried to bring Chea into the midst of his Chinese Merchant Community and his Chinese family. The merchant was told An Ancient Chinese Secret – “Secret Negro Nooky, Stay Secret”, and ordered to drop Chea off to his negro mother and never look back. As we all know, the Chinese are a very tight knit community who are secretive, clannish and very disciplined. So Merchant Chea followed the advice of his mystical Chinese ancestors. Toy Boy Chea was then dropped off to his negro mother and left to live a life of sorrow.

When the boy was only 8 years old, one of his “uncles” sexually assaulted him and later dropped him off in an abandoned graveyard, tossing a $20 note to him as he pulled off in a red truck. Chea, reported missing by his negro mother, wondered the streets for two days before being found. He still had the balled up the $20 note in his pocket when they found him. From that day on, Chea was emotionally hardened and developed an unquenchable thirst for money and material gain, by any means necessary.

BP is amazed, after investigation, that the DNA, which claims to be running such a TIGHT SHIP, can allow Drag Queens, Cougar Lovers, SHIMS and the likes to walk around following its leader in GREEN who is SUPPOSE to be so upright in his actions. BP has one thing to say to Chea, Boy When You in Glass House, Dont Try Throw No Stones Dis Way. A word to the wise is sufficient!

BP is now headed to South Beach, cause out there we now have a story to tell. Stay Tuned!


  1. BP – I too used to look forward to your articles – but this one was utter foolishness, tasteless and very obviously had a personal agenda – you have disappointed me and make me question the credibility and motive of ALL of your articles shame on you

  2. Lady P, yes he put himself out there and its Ok to uncover his life, but do it with the TRUTH!!! When i first read this i thaught it was a joke… This articile has lies about him being molested as a child and about his father. I STAND HER TODAY TO SAY IT IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE!!!!. BP, get your facts RIGHT, Jamal lived with his fatehr until the day his father passed furtermore his father LOVED both him and his mom, she was never a secret to his family she is still loved and respected by the family. And Yes she a “NEGRO” a beautiful negro inside and out. BUT GUESS WHAT WELCOME TO NEGRO TOWN – THE BAHAMAS , NEGRO AND PROUD. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!!!!

  3. This is sad and so disgusting of whoever wrote it to write this trash. This is uncalled for and I hope you dont have any kids. You never know what can happen to you or any of your family members. We really need to remember God in everything we do, this is evident that we don’t.

  4. I am very saddened by this article. Most of the information written was very personal and should not have been included, especially because he was a child at the time. I am very discouraged that we as a society cannot draw a line, even when it comes down to politics. If this article were written about me, I would sue this site, AND sue the author of the trash piece. This world we live in, it’s a circle – this will come back to bite you.

  5. BP, you are a true jackass and a low down dog. Obviously, something happened to you during your childhood to turn you into the sewer dwelling, lowlife scum that you show and share on a daily basis. you will soon get what you looking for, you sorry *** miscreant!

  6. I totally agre with you guys, this article has really crossed the line. Why would you put such damaging information out there especially about something that happened to someone when they were a child and defenseless. This is not journalism, this isn’t even tabloid writing because even tabloids have the decency to draw the line when it concerns children. Shame on you BP!!!

  7. I have skimmed this site often for it’s entertainment value and the fact that BP usually has the story first. But this is unbelievable! I agree with Raquel, I too will not return to this site and also urge others not to support. Very distasteful!

  8. This is horrible, I use to enjoy reading and supporting Bahamas Press until I read this. Its one thing to write on NEWS but when it comes to someones personal business you need to know when to draw the line. This is sickening and shows how ignorant whoever wrote this really is. This is a human being and I dont care how much you may dilike him, it is not your busines or anyone’s else business about what happened to him during his child hood…KEEP IT STRICTLY POLITICS! BAHAMAS PRESS NEEDS TO BE SUED BECAUSE IF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS TRUE THAT IS VERY INSENSITIVE AND UNCARING KNOWING HOW SEXUAL ASSAULTS IS SOMETHING THAT WE AS BAHAMIAN PEOPLE ARE DEALING WITH EVERYDAY…I HOPE WHOEVER WROTE THIS DONT HAVE CHILDREN AND THEY ARE NOT ABUSED!

  9. Honelsty BP I don’t know if you have an editor or not. But it is in real poor taste for you to publish bullshit like this. What was the point? What was the point of retelling such a horrible story about his childhood. To shame him? Dispicable. Honestly, if i knew who wrote this particular article I would walk up to him and punch him in the face. Because, that part of the article was hurtful and unnecessary. ASSHOLE!!!

  10. Red,yellow, black or white they’re ALL precious in DNA’s sight!!! BP maybe you should look at DNA from another perspective….the party that does not discriminate. Times have changed and the sexual preference of a person should not determine their ability to take on leadership roles. Although the report is amusing, sexuality is not a physical disability so therefore we should not judge someone’s lifestyle as they (and not the public) have to answer before God on their decisions.

  11. Red,yellow, black or white they’re ALL precious in DNA’s sight!!! BP maybe you should look at DNA from another perspective….the party that does not discriminate. Times have changed and the sexual preference of a person should not determine their ability to take on leadership roles. Although the report is amusing, sexuality is not a physical disability so therefore we should not judge someone’s lifestyle as they (and not the public) have to answer before God on their decisions.

  12. BP,
    Some of the things said in this article are in extremely poor taste. If that kid was molested by a family member, why would you plaster it on your website, and as if you are rejoicing that it happened? And as far as the gay comments, lets be realistic here, it has been “alleged” for years that we have gay people deeply rooted in both the FNM and PLP, and lets face it, the Bahamas as a whole.

  13. We are so nasty – all of what was printed was not necessary – you don’t get into people’s personal business and air it like dirty laundry…oh …sorry I forgot that is what you do!

  14. This is not nice at all. I may not support the DNA, but what you printed just turn me off from this website. I will let everyone I know not to visit this website. Clearly this the owner is a PLP and as the language is cleare and because of this I don’t I wish to vote PLP anymour. This shows no class and is very irresponsible. Stop your your madness

    • once u put your self out there remember your life will be uncover for the world to view , sad but true so Raquel don’t be blame the plp when you know you was not voting for them in the frist place

  15. BP,you are a colossal mess!!
    Why do you choose to go after these young people like that?
    you are despicable and void of any sense of decency.


    • I can’t believe the trash I read in this article, Chea was never abandoned by his father,his father was always active in his life, he was not raped and he certainly did not live a life of sorrow, whoever wrote this non-sense is a born-liar, get it together. Just because you do not like someone,you should not spread lies about them

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