(TRANS) GENDER-BASED JOURNALISM AT ZNS??? How much is the warped News Director really costing Bahamian Taxpayers???


Tori Culmer and ZNS News Director Andrew Burrows.

Nassau, Bahamas – There are serious questions that have now begun to swirl around the newsroom at ZNS where we believe the PLP apologist at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas should be sent swiftly packing out of the News Room.

The suspect here in this release we believe has abused his ability to exercise correct objectivity and fairness at the BCB. We hold the view that with his bias pronouncements against members of opposition groups in the country the News Director has squandered any possible chance to present fair, impartial or neutral editorial clarity at the BCB.

The blatant openness by the ZNS News Director in taking personal asinine political shots at groups opposed to his political views has broadsided the independence of the professionals at the BCB and has – in our opinion – left a bad taste of public ridicule from the People of The Bahamas; disappointing their expectations from a Corporation charged to provide information, education and entertainment.

In this piece we thought it necessary to stay away from the airbed dragging ‘sexcapades’ deep inside the walls of the newsroom, where locked doors and pillow talk rendezvous occur! Some People just have no damn shame!!!

However, our questions up at the BCB, which have targeted the news director, have gone unanswered. We question why would the Christie Government hire their “Relative” to deliver such odium and disgust against the Bahamian people? Inclusive of Fart Noises….ad nauseum!!!

Following the Gender Referendum, which was rejected by the public less than a year ago, a decision by the political hacks at ZNS thought it necessary to present a special conversation on “Transgender” [Transgender people usually label their sexual orientation using their gender as a reference]. The conversation produced by persons special to the News Director – and under his direction – took a keen interest into the subject to discuss who should be in which bathroom with whom. Meanwhile, members of the public stood in awe as they examined this bold insult of the Bahamian people (who had voted “NO” by a 4 to 1 majority).

But there is an even bigger report here. The ZNS News Director didn’t see it necessary to present a story on the growing chronic conditions in the country. Crime and its mutilating affects on families were not important. The hard efforts to correct the myriad of problems across the Criminal Justice System were not important. Having a special on how we address unemployment or the systemic issues facing our economy was not important at all to the so-called “News Director” at ZNS! But rather he and his team sought deep interest into exploring and reporting on what people gat in dey pants or panties as IMPORTANT NEWS! UNBELIEVBLE! Dese some Dutty people we gat in charge or our business, eh?

Bahamas Press has called for the Minister with Responsibility for the BCB or the Prime Minister to fire this JACKASS before we decide to press the reset button on all the crew! But yinner ain’t listening eh?

But here’s a question we at BP had asked of those who squandered money at ZNS and used the People’s Station to educate us on “Transgender Policies”; How much did ZNS spend to produce and engage actors in the special ‘pant or panties’ conversation? How much did the ZNS New Director apply out of the budget at the BCB to pay actors and possibly persons connected to him to have such a program produced?

One of the persons featured in the clip, some have suggested to Bahamas Press, was a known “Sex Slave” usually hired at $1,000 an hour to sell sex. What did ZNS pay to engage that conversation?

Meanwhile, now that we know airbeds are dragged with quick hands into a particular office deep inside the ZNS newsroom, we also want to know how the unwrapped condom ended up in the ZNS car? No wonder the damn car dem broke down!

What in da hell is dis?

We report yinner decide!