Tribune Comes Under Fire By the People


tribune-let-2-copy.jpgA lady called in on Love 97Fm today joining in the chorus against the EVILS OF THE TOILET PAPER. CLICK ON LINKS TO LISTEN IN. Bahamas Press welcomes the idea of persons to simply BURN THE TRIBUNE Newspaper copies WHEN IT COMES IN THEIR PATH!

Click to hear the people Take the Toilet Paper ON PART ONE!

Click to hear the people take on the Toilet Paper ON Part TWO!

And to the lady who wonders why the Tribune would not put up a Bahamian flag during Independence the answer is simple, THEY HAVE NO BAHAMIAN BLOOD!


  1. Omar what’s going on my brother? Who done piss you off? Calm down my brother….whoever it is aint worth it. You are an intelligent fellow with lots to look forward to in the future. Hold ya head and stand firm.

  2. BP, if you really want a good story, how about the waaaaaay under the radar report yesterday about the fact that the FNM may not have a convention this year. HI has not held a convention since he re-assumed the leadership of the FNM. Does he feel threatened by his younger Cabinet members (McCartney), or is he concerned about the survivability of his Deputy? We all know it is not a money issue for the FNM.

  3. So you’re admitting the point is to simply attack the PLP and Christie? Isn’t there a point to this other than simply attacking him? BP, every time you get the people with you, you turn around and piss it away with these unwarranted attacks. Focus man. You have plenty other things to cover other than Perry Perry Perry.

  4. One evening off the island and Bahamas Press turns into a BLOODY WAR ZONE! People (NAMELY OMAR SR) Bahamas Press is rated G! PLEASE PLEASE respect the kids if only. We cannot allow the this level of swearing to continue if we are to show the world that we are civil. COME ON PEOPLE let the debate be CIVIL!

    Now with this attack on the PLP today, I cannot do my attack story on Christie tonight, I must let the leader catch his self from these attacks today!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  5. As BP said, the Tribune HAS NO Bahamian blood. Eileen Dupuch-Carron and her siblings are watered down Bahamians. Their father and his forefathers were Haitians.

  6. I was wondring if anyone else ever noticed that the tribune never flew a flag during independence. The tribune, in my opinion, is the single largest cause, of the division that exists in this country.

    Like franklyn wilson said today we, are waiting to see the jacks and jokers, in the tribune’s assessment of this government I guess all of the fnm government would be “friggin” aces

    The tribune will never put up a bahamian flag because it reminds them to much of Sir. Lynden

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