Tribune poll affirms Ryan Pinder as Elizabeth's next Member of Parliament


Ryan Pinder<<<Ryan Pinder, PLP candidate for Elizabeth.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is reporting that a second credible poll conducted by the daily Tribune has affirmed Ryan Pinder as the next member of Parliament for Elizabeth.

The poll questioned readers as to their party support in the upcoming Elizabeth by-election. The poll conducted on yesterday asked, “February 16th has just been set as the date for the by-election in Elizabeth. Of those who’ve indicated an intent to contest the seat, who do you think will win?” The results are astounding! Pinder the PLP candidate for the area has clinched a steady majority.

BP/Cardiff poll set Pinder at a steady 55% lead. Bahamas Press, however, has taken our stamp of approval further and has ENDORSED Pinder as the next MP for Elizabeth. IT AIN’t LONG NAH!

Tribune polls

Tribune poll published on confirms Ryan Pinder as the leading candidate in the Elizabeth by election. The online poll is the second to affirm Pinder winning the seat.


  1. BP, The Prime Minister made a decision recently that contradicted a policy of his appointed Minister of State for Immigration and that of the Director of Immigration. This shameful and callous decision of the Prime Minister threatens the security of the Bahamas. The Prime Minister bye-election decision was made without any sensible thought as it will open the flood gates to others to come to our shores. My question is where will these unemployed illegal migrants find employment, where will they live , what is their medical status?This bye -elelction decision also begs the question as to why has the government appointed the Director of Immigration as the Returning Officer for the Elizabeth Constituency bye -election. A constituency with many pockets of Haitian residents both legal and illegal. Is this a connection with the bye-election decision of the the Prime Minister to release the 119 immigrants. Of all the senior civil servants in The Bahamas how is it that the Returning Officer had to be the Director of Immigration for a constituency sprinkled with legal and illegal immigrants just after the PM’s bye -election decision.I am not questioning the integrity of the good Director but I am no fool either. The Parliamentary Registrar was condemned by the Election Court, his integrity was placed in the open since 2007 and questioned by two senior Justices of the Supreme Court. Now we have to watch Errol Bethel who now has 5,000 people registered  and we have to closely observe Jack Thompson and pray that he does not wear his Immigration attire on election day as the Returning Officer.

    • Papa aint into the Bahamian people now, he thinks that we are beneath him and he considers himself as the maximum leader of this country and now he is trying to make his mark in the Caribbean as the maximum leader. In my opinion, I think he would make a president for the Haitian people, because he is very passionate towards them and they are used to his type of governance, the people in the Bahamas are not used to it.

  2. Obviously Wisdom is lacking wisdom . The Tribune will not support anything related to the PLP if  its life depended on it. So Ryan Pinder’s lead in Elizabeth has nothing to do with the Tribune’s preference for colour but it has everything to do with the peoples frustration with the FNM. Johnley Ferguson Carl Bethel, Ivoine Ingraham have all been publicly embarrassed and reduced to little boys. They were all slapped around at their convention, now Branville McCartney is under attack.At some point in time men have to men men or they will be seen as mices. They FNM has a Cabinet with mices, the public knows it and the Tribune knows it. Just ask Algernoon Allen what happened to him when he stood up as a man, ot Pierre Dupuch or Tennyson Wells. You cannot be a man in the FNM you could only be a mice.

    • The survival of PAPAs political career hangs in the balance in the bye election.Of late two FNM operaitives have found the balls to publicly speak out in writing against PAPAs dictatorial tendencies namely,Dennis Dames and Oswald Brown.This tells me that there is open rebellion in FNM circles as PAPA has bypassed many FNMs to appoint Sands to contest the bye election.Jack Thompson is under the gun in Elizabeth as no cheating will be tolerated.The ARMADA is gathering b ut like in Queen Elizabeth I time they will soundly be defeated.If any FNM disapproves of PAPAs handling of the country in the past 2 plus yrs vote against him to send a clear message that enough is enough.

  3. That is a White boy over a black boy, you know who the Tribune would lean to.
    Colour comes first over anything else.

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