Trouble in Darron Cash Yard! Scotland Yard may come to investigate potential alleged crimes in the FNM Chairman’s house!



Police raid the home of Daron and Annette Cash after investigation opened involving Bank of the Bahamas...

As only BP can say: ‘What in the hell is dis today’?

Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press is indeed following a crisis developing in the home of Daron Cash, chairman of the FNM, where police officers raided his home and confiscated valuable electronic items.

Central Detective Unit officers who conducted the search and seizure said they were in possession of an ex-parte search warrant issued by a Magistrate as part of the ongoing investigation of the finances of the Bank of the Bahamas.

Now you would remember how reports surfaced some weeks back revealing serious incidents where loans were granted to bigtime PLPs by the Bank under the Hubert Ingraham regime.

The incident left FNM and Opposition voices suggesting that the major investigation has led police to the Punch and to the home of the Opposition Chairman and now has BP investigators going even deeper into these alleged crimes.

And only Bahamas Press will reveal these shocking details.

We have learn incredible alleged evidence from internal files from the BOB has led detectives to the Cash home, where, we are told, potential data could lead to an arrest.

Cash’s wife, Annette Cash we are told, is an employee of the Bank of the Bahamas and sits in a senior position at that financial institution. Now this is deep.

Sources deep in the know tell us that Mrs. Cash may have allegedly supplied data on the bank to a source connected to one of the national papers in the country, thus, the police raid permission for which was granted by the Magistrate.

Now no one is mentioning the details of the data in question, but what we have learnt is that such information could be harmful to the integrity of the financial services business in the country.

Bahamas Press can confirm two laptop computers and a cellular smartphones were seized from the home. We are told Mr. Cash is now seeking ‘redress for the violation of his Constitutional Right to Privacy’ by a motion in the Supreme Court.

But the data is just the beginning of this ongoing inquiry by the police. We believe the twists and turns may get deeper and more intrusive as the days go by.

What is even more interesting was a statement issued today by Bank of the Bahamas following a report in the Punch which noted the folllowing:

“In reference to the story in Thursday’s Punch concerning a civil action brought some three years ago against the Bank of The Bahamas and its Managing Director, Paul McWeeney, and others, by Edward Penn, it is unfortunate that the Punch omitted to mention that the Bank and Paul McWeeney have filed a Defence in the action completely and absolutely denying the claims that have been made against them. This Defence is as much a matter of public record at the Supreme Court Registry as is Mr. Penn’s Writ, and yet the Punch story makes no reference to it at all, nor to the fact that the Bank and Mr. McWeeney have completely denied Mr. Penn’s claims as being completely false and unfounded.

“It is curious that the Punch also omitted to mention that The Bank of The Bahamas is not the only clearing bank in The Bahamas that has been sued by Mr. Penn.

“It is a matter of public record that he also made claims against another clearing bank in The Bahamas – and lost in the courts.

“The Bank of The Bahamas and its Managing Director will continue to vigorously defend themselves against the unfounded claims that have been made against them.”

Could the wife of the FNM Chairman be arrested if the police discover potentially incriminating evidence? Could the Publisher of the Mighty Punch be also detained following his inquiry? And if she has breached or violated codes within the bank and this is not a witch-hunt, why is she still employed at the bank?

Bahamas Press has learnt Bank of the Bahamas had lost more than $40 million as companies began pulling out deposits following the articles in the news.

We report yinner decide