Trouble is brewing in Bailey Town as Bimini Bay terminate more than 20 residents


Nassau, Bahamas — More than 20 Biminites were terminated from Bimini Bay Resort last week and from news coming from the tiny island, residents believe the cuts were unjustified.

The development is brewing trouble in Bailey Town and according to sources on the island, Since the Bimini Bay Resort was handed over to a company based in Colorado, the resort could not keep up its service at the property.

“Before they decided to terminate us and close down sections of the resort, a number of workers were brought in from Grand Bahama and from the offices in Colorado. Wastage and partying by the group appears to be the order of the day, while Biminites are the ones getting the bad end of the stick.

“How could a company come in our town, hire outsiders and fire us? Biminites will not stand for this practice and will do all in our power to have the matter addressed.”

Sources tell us more than 15 golf carts have broken down at the property, with no one in the maintenance department able to do the repairs.

Dion Foulkes - The Failed Minister of Labour has overseen lost more than 40,000 jobs since 2007, and has not created not one job surplus since appointed.

Additionally, executives tell us, auditors will have a hard time tracking paper work, as money has disappeared at the resort while the new Colorado managers act as if they are on a Cocaine Party weekend everyday.

“Almost everyday it is balling, fun and frolicking eating and drinking by executives from the outside company, as the company slips into decline. And who is taking the entire blow from these troubles of bad management? The Biminites,” a former employee said.

“And where is the minister of labour? Where is the minister of tourism? They are all in this together; lost in the shadows while Biminites suffer.”

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  1. The one thing I do not like about Bahamas Express is that it’s writers hide behind their articles without publishing a bi-line. If you are a journalist, writing a reputable and fact based article, then you should be more than happy in having your name on a bi-line. Like the other comment made by Jason, Bimini is a seasonal destination for mostly South Florida residence. Unlike Abaco and other islands of the Bahamas that attract winter residents, Bimini has not been able to garner that type of market. However, Rock Resorts is working diligently to create a market in the North East of the United States and is doing so through marketing plans as well as creating more viable airlifts to Bimini. The individuals been spoken about as managers are like any other resort, anywhere in the world, where the parent company sends in training staff to bring the workers up to brand standards for their company logo. If you travel for your company you will be given a per dium as a means for the procurement of meals. These executives are thus eating and drinking in the different food outlets as their per dium from the parent company stipulates. So please before writing an article, get your facts straight and a proper article should have both sides of the story in it. Otherwise go and work for the PUNCH!!!!

  2. It is unfortunate the jobs have been cut, but this is a seasonal resort. When the season is finished people are let go. This happened last year and the year before. Next spring the resort will re-hire people. If the restaurants are empty why would continue to employ a large restaurant staff?
    If the rooms are not being occupied why would you keep all of the housekeeping staff?
    Its business thats all. As for the other comments I can’t comment but the management company is one of the world’s foremost and respected brands.
    I wish Bimini and some of our other islands could be year-round destinations but Bimini gets its tourists mainly from the USA — Florida…ad its people coming over on their boats which, because of unpredictable seas, they do not do in the winter months. Airfare to Bimini from Florida is over $300 per person! A family of four would spend over $1000 just to fly into Bimini from miami/Fort Lauderdale. Then what they do? So, boaters are the life blood of Bimini’s tourism/visitor base. So, its a seasonal thing. I wish everybody could work in Bimini and elsewhere all the time but it aint gunna happen right now.

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