Calling For Tommy Turnquest To Resign IMMEDIATELY!!


Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security an ABSOLUTE FAILURE along with the FNM! Wutless Tommy Tucker has not brought one solution to the vexing crime problem in 4 and a half years!

By Straight Talk Bahamas

The Minister of National Security has said previously that most crime is just criminals killing criminals. But he has taken it further, in a recent interview he said that he is not focus on criminals killing criminals, no, he is focused on innocent deaths from robberies and such.

“Out of the 93 homicides (for the year), 49 are directly related to bad boys, so that is 50 per cent. Retaliation, drug related, conflict, 50 per cent,” said Mr Turnquest.

He said it would “astound” the public to review the files of these murder victims and their suspected murderers, because “essentially criminals are killing criminals.”

“Then you have 5 per cent that are domestic. You can’t do anything about that. That is counselling. If someone does not love you, move on. If they have someone else, move on,” said Mr Turnquest.

“The real, real concern that as minister I focus on and get the police to really look at is those we categorise as robberies. There are 14 per cent of those. That is your random homicides that ought to be avoided. Someone goes into a shop, a robbery goes bad, an innocent person gets killed. I am very, very concerned about that,” he said.

While Mr Turnquest said he is concerned about all murders, he said his focus is applied to random killings, not domestic violence nor retaliation or drug related conflicts.

While it may be true that criminals are killing criminals, that is not ok. And for the Minister of National Security to basically say that it is, is tantamount to approval of this behavior.

He basically says to criminals Go ahead, kill each other, we aint checking for yall. Do you know how wreckless that is comming from the Minister of National Security?

While I don’t regret seeing hardcore criminals die, there are two major problems with the Minister’s Criminals Killing Criminals theory


We cannot allow criminals to kill criminals and say its ok because it breeds lawlessness. And lawlessness breeds fear which emboldens criminals to commit more acts of violence. Soon the entire country would be over whelm with crime. Oh wait, that’s already the case as crime is up 58% nationwide and 69% in Nassau!

It is Wrong!

The belief that  only criminals are killing criminals is a fallacy. All you have to do is read the headlines to realize this is so;

  • Neil Percentie Gunned Down –  Victim of criminals warring in the Foxhill area,  apparently he circled the area one time too many
  • Mother and One year old child Shot – The girlfriend and child of accused murderer, they were innocent.
  • 14 year old Jeffonya Rolle Murdered – She was killed when gun men came looking for her brother, she was innocent. He was killed several weeks later.
  • Triple Murder in Carmichael Road – A pregnant lady, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend were all executed. She was the girlfriend of accused double murderer on remand at the Fox Hill Prison.

I guess The Minister would call these people collateral damage.

I believe it is basically an admission of failure. In essence he is saying we can not prevent the from doing this so we will not even try, we will focus our attention elsewhere. In the mean time innocent people are being terrorized and living in fear, while criminals act with impunity because Tommy Turnquest doesn’t know what to do.

I call for the resignation of Tommy Turnquest as The Minister of National Security Immediately on the grounds of Incompetence!


  1. The government is denial if it thinks that the crime problem is an insular problem. Maybe the government will continue to have a nochalant attitude towards the exponential increase in murders until a “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” style killing occurs. We must act now to curtail the sharp spike in murders. Mr. Minister of National Security, please implement a task force to infiltrate the inner city feuds, drug wars and the proliferation of illegal firearms. If we continue to ignore the spike in murders more innocent lives may be lost be lost in the crossfire.

  2. There is no excuse for the recent utterances of the Minister of National Security. You cannot even imply that it is okay if bad boys kill bad boys. Murder is against the law. No matter how much we may despise the criminal, they are still entitled to their day in court. That is the way civilized societies operate.If the state looks the other way when its citizens are killed then this sends a very strong message to the criminal element that they can murder with impunity.The Minister has loosed madness on this country with his ill-considered words and, we are entering a period of madness which can sink the country.If the Prime minster does not have the balls to fire him then, under the doctrine of collective responsibility the entire cabinet should be held responsible for what happens next.

  3. The minute he was placed in the post of Minister of National Security a =n overwhelming sound of hysterical laughing could be heard from the criminal element. He is a joke, what the hell does a banker know about enforcing national security! No country I have visited has ever placed national security in the hands of a man who has no military or law enforcement training. This buddy buddy system of governance that we have is going to bury us all if it is not changed!

      • Yes I agree with Frustrated too. Even if he was a banker he could still read up, study what other successful leaders in a similar position has done, and copy them, but the lazy, silly fool won’t even do that! I wonder if he even reads, to begin with?

  4. this good for nothing man’ a real lost jackass. i told y’all tommy them killing out the bad boys!! that’s y they can do nothing about it. they cleaning the street from these tugs. they get a group of top secret cops taking down these tugs.. i get that from a top cop!!! if you is a bad boy you next……..

  5. this good for nothing man’ a real lost jackass. i told y’all tommy them killing out the bad boys!! that’s y they can do nothing about it. they cleaning the street from these tugs. they get a group of top secret cops taking down these tugs.. i get that from a top cop!!! if you is a bad boy you next……..

  6. Poor Tommy T he just does not get it as he tries to minimise the killings but can you really blame him as he has no experience with unfortunate persons.I read the article in the newspaper and despite the fact that I view him of a very low intelligence nature I could not believe that his little brain could paint such a poor image for him to let everyone know he is daff.

  7. That is absolutely a stupid and careless statement to make.Vigilante justice is not ok.Our leaders need to follow Gods council and carry out the laws of the land swiftly.Too much slackness.This the root of the problem

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