Trouble brews once again in the Prince Hall Lodge on Blue Hill Road


Sanford Culmer

Nassau, Bahamas — Following the recent elections everyone was hoping that the new Grand Master Sanford Culmer was gonna bring at least a little bit of sanity to the Lodge but it appears as if he is still being led by his cousin Carl Culmer who is continuing his Hitler styled ways.

Brothers in the Lodge are starting to wonder that Carl must be making up for some deficiencies in his life.  They are trying to understand how one person can be so adamant about destroying systems EVERYWHERE he goes.  Even the new Cable & Wireless management is shocked at the number of negative reports made against him.  It’s been said that some persons who took the package from BTC who were still very valuable to the organization, said that they would have stayed on but only if Culmer left.

The Lodge on Blue Hill Road, opposite C. R. Walker again is in turmoil.  Under the guidance of  Carl Culmer, the new Grand Master, who is the cousin of Carl continues to remove the persons that Carl see as a threat to his Hitler styled leadership.

In recent times, Carl had popular Masons like Eugene ‘Geno’ Nairn, Everette Mackey, Kendal Higgins and Fr. Stephen Davies EXPELLED from the Fraternity.  He placed on probation Ersley Johnson, and Lorne Basden.  This caused a major uproar in the Lodge and the wound is still open and everyone is still uneasy about this.

Further, during the recent Convention, Carl made some illegal maneuvers and appointed some of his cronies to top offices without regard for the established Constitution.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon Brent Symonette, receives an award from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Carl Culmer.

The new Grand Master and cousin of Carl, stated at his first meeting that he was not going to continue things as normal and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  Lo and Behold this was only hot air… ‘cause as soon as he sat in the seat he Suspended Indefinitely another of the popular and outspoken Masons……… Fred Ferguson.

Carl Culmer threatened Fred Ferguson a number of times that he was ‘gonna deal with him’ after Ferguson showed him up for his lack of education and spoke out against the injustices that he was dealing out to the other Brothers.

Now with Ferguson finally out of the way, Carl and his cronies are running wild changing laws, breaking laws and frustrating the Brothers and Sisters of the historic Prince Hall Lodge, Bahamas Jurisdiction.

It is so blatant what they are trying to do, they used a Sister to perpetrate the lies against Ferguson.  It is told that the Worthy Matron Theresa Bridgewater gave some untrue information to Carl and Sanford about Ferguson and they ran with it and immediately Suspended Ferguson.

Everyone who knows Ferguson, knows him as a popular musican/entertainer but also as a person who stands for right and justice and is also a dedicated Mason. Ferguson worked his way up through the ranks, all the way to a member of the Grand Lodge.  However, Bridgewater has a dirty past in the Lodge and even through it all has been able to rise to the high office of Worthy Matron in the Order of The Eastern Stars and is responsible for the management of the Death Benefit Plan which is responsible for ensuring that families of deceased Brothers and Sisters are paid the monies owed.

Bridgewater along with another Brother had been found guilty of stealing THOUSANDS of dollars from the Lodge.  The other collaborating Brother was Suspended, made to pay back his money and not allowed to hold any office in the Lodge.  Bridgewater, on the other hand, was only asked to pay her money back and she is in charge of the Death Plan in the Grand Lodge and now serves as the Worthy Matron of her Chapter in the Eastern Stars.

Everyone is wondering how she is able to move up even with this stain on her.

It is known that Bridgewater has a dislike for Ferguson because he was in a leadership role when she was discovered stealing the money and she is mad at him for exposing her dirt.  So she was happy to comply with Carl and his cronies in fabricating the lies against Ferguson to get him out of the way.  The Lodge better keep a close watch on its funds cause Ferguson is no longer there and Bridgewater has major control over the Death Benefit funds.  Family members of Lodge Brothers and Sisters who die better hope they get the money owed to them.  Bridgewater might ‘tief’ their money or try to sleep with them to keep it hush, hush. She is known to sleep around with lodge brothers for money and other favors. What kind of woman is this they calling “Worthy”. What is she worthy of, tiefin’ and prostitution?

Although Sandy Culmer, is supposed to be in charge, Carl Culmer is present and involved in every aspect of the Lodge.  He is known to say that he has set up the organization so that all of his cronies are in line to take over one after the other.  He now has Leslie ‘Da Alcoholic’ Dean and Ken ‘Da Wife Beater’ Brathwaite, who is also impotent and angry, next in line to be Grand Master after his cousin Sanford.  He also continues to offer higher Degrees to younger Brothers to maintain their loyalty and to keep them quiet.

Persons are also questioning Carl and his cronies connection to the infamous criminal Rudy King.  King has been known to parade around as a member of the Lodge, even though he isn’t and he has also been able to tell Brothers and Sisters who the next persons to be Expelled or Suspended.  Something is fishy here.  This is being watched closely.

Prince Hall Masonry in The Bahamas have had some very historic names on its roster… Sir Lynden Pindling, Sir Clifford Darling, Sir, Clement Maynard, Timothy Gibson, Sir Livingstone Coakley, A.D. Hanna… just to name a few.  It is now a crying shame that lousy dummies like Carl Culmer, and cronies like Ken Brathwaite have been allowed to bring down the name of such a wonderful organization to a place where younger Brothers and Sisters do not even want to be known to be affiliated with it.

There is some more to come soon.  Stay tuned.


  1. For the life of me I can’t understand “why” WE are still entangling ourselves in lodges, like we are still in the period between the 1940’s – 1970’s period in Bahamian life when they had clout. Furthermore, there is NOTHING that being a lodge member can do that cash given here or there in this corruption riddled country can’t get done for you. Ask the local businessmen from China if that ain’t true.

  2. No one is guilty, why is it that ALL of the mention Brother were picked on for NOTHING. People need to know that rules have to be kept or maintained, and stop this BAHAMIAN way(This is how we always do it, right or WRONG) The madness has to be stopped and it started with some of those brothers. Others got involved

  3. The Brother/Sister who leaked out the distress in their Order needs to be expelled. It is sad when one make and obligation and because of hatred and bitterness exposed or discuss the troubles and trials that one is traveling through…You really need to be careful who you let into your house of worship.

    My condolences to PHA these are trying times

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