Trouble setting in around the Cabinet table as tension is developing!


With no mandate to lead six rebel MPs of the Parliament showed up to support Loretta Butler Turner as opposition leader. The group has no party or support in their actions.

Nassau, Bahamas – Two trouble makers dropped kicked out of the FNM and then one kicked by the voters found themselves on television Monday night seeking penance from the party they attempted to destroy.

Dropped-kicked former MP for Long Island, Loretta “Big Sexy” Turner, and Richard “Tubes Tie-up” Lightbourn could not tell the media in an interview if they would support PM Minnis.

Both former FNMs looked as if they had just had some medical evaluation as they stood “OUTSIDE” to do their interviews with Our News.

Big Sexy, who appeared as if she had not slept for days, was back in front of the cameras making assessments on the new government. Now this is interesting because yinner would remember both former MPs were backed by “Small TINGS” Brent Symonette during the FNM July 7th mash up national convention.

Some political sources tell us the troops are regrouping and soon they will come hard in a force to breakup da FNM.

BP has ordered a trailer of chips and snacks for the event.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, our supplies for tissue and pampers were bought into next month by PLPs. BP taking a case each for our own office.

We report yinner decide!