Troy Garvey calls Oswald Brown "A pitiable social wannabe"


troy-garveyTroy Garvey delivers to letter to Oswald ‘WHY YOU SCARED OF THE WORD MURDER’ Brown.

24th August 2009
The Freeport News, Saturday 22nd Instant refers.

Your Editor, Mr. Oswald Brown’s editorial entitled’ “Senseless Campaign“ seeks to malign the undersigned’s efforts to speak in behalf of thousands of citizens who do not have the organs of media as Mr. Brown, to air their concerns. Mr. Brown is, in my humble opinion, a pitiable social wannabe residing in the sewer of his own infertile mind.

Please know that Troy Garvey has a thick skin capable of deflecting, or even absorbing the arrows aimed at his vehicle of hope which drives Troy Garvey’s Crusade.
My regret is that Mr. Brown, in his diatribe, deliberately tried to pull my friend and Bahamian icon, Mr. Joseph Darville and others into the sewer of Brown’s mind; therefore I am very sure that Mr. Oswald Brown will suffer the same fate as those wicked, timid souls who never dared to stand up for their fellow citizens and have now been consigned to history’s dunghill.

Mr. Brown, because of his feeble mind has, nevertheless, put the spotlight on Troy Garvey. Be assured that Troy Garvey shall not rest as long as God provides the breath for Troy Garvey to seek and do His will.

Yours faithfully,

Troy Garvey

CC: The Freeport News, Freeport Bahamas
The Tribune, Nassau, Bahamas
The Nassau Guardian, Nassau Bahamas


  1. Listen, There is no one more nasty at times than Oswald Brown. In 2007 and 2008, he has undermined Perry Christie and the PLP for some odd reason as if he was on the payroll for Hubert Ingraham and the heartless FNM. I commend Troy for having the guts to say the truth. Dibbles, all we doin is hurtin the party man. Yal playin this game with these PLPs who anialating PLPs whom you claim is against Chistie. You have also concluded that there is no Democracy in the Party and that the Party is Christie. Well even Christie said the Party is bigger than him.

  2. @garvey you gatta go to the archives see if youll gat any relatives cause these stagnant relic will sure sink your ship and all you doing is speaking your mind people just dont like new faces and different ideas havent you noticed its like monarchy pass power to friend thats transperant enough and trust dem to fire scud not arrows politics in the bahamas is a spiteful game of hate and vindictive behaviour remember in the 80’s certain people couldnt get electricity due to political affiliation watch the trend it was first lets hate the bay street boys (who gave up power to the people) then lets hate Sir Lynden (who dedicated his life in the struggle)soon it ga be Hubert alexander ingrahms turn(despite his efforts)moral is the good that men do is oft interred with their bones so prepare for whats to come they been at this character assassination thing for many years

    p.s. watch dem set wid dey get out a jail free card 007 characters license to ………….

  3. Troy “Wannabe” Garvey needs to drop friends like Paul “can’t trust hiim” Moss,he’s causing you to get a bad name from Mr.Oswald “Murder”Brown.

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