Troy Gravey praised as VOICE FOR GRAND BAHAMA!



Re: Troy Garvey, Esquire:

If you haven’t met Troy Garvey, please get to know him. Talk to him. Look him in the eye

and see his gentle fierceness of purpose.

Notwithstanding the loss of his left forearm, Troy Garvey moves at such an

energizedding pace, as though he is on the Grand Bahama Field, carrying the winning game ball for all

of us who yearn for social justice!

Troy Garvey is oblivious to the fact that the social game clock is ticking away. He is

on the move. Focused!

Now, hear this. Troy has indentified the potentially damaging social “Tip of the

iceberg” of child molestation in the Eight Mile Rock High School, so much so, that a police case

may soon reach the courts!

Unmistakably Troy Garvey has emerged as Grand Bahama’s voice for that

burgeoning citizenry “yearning to breathe free”.

We all need to support Troy Garvey’s crusade today. For a better way!

Indeed, this man is a born leader!

Yours faithfully,

Etienne L. Farquharson, Sr.

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  1. I met Mr. Garvey. He has a passion for helping those who can’t help themselves. I don’t know that he is or wants to be a politician but it may be possible to convince him.

  2. I now hope Mr. Garvey would build the courage to run as an Independent member of parliament in the up coming 2012 general elections. He would SURELY win the “WestEnd” seat.

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